New Moon in Gemini

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3rd June 2019 
| Sydney 8.01pm | London 11.01am | New York 6.01am |

Key Words - Truth. Communication. Expansion.

Those who are touched by this moon may feel a pull between priorities, responsibilities, and aspirations + goals. Try and not stretch yourself too thin right now trying to balance it all at once.

Having open lines of communication can make for some invaluable conversations and learning experiences. Listen and observe those who are around you. Take the time to converse in meaningful conversations with others can help 'fill your cup". Any hidden agendas are going to be exposed, and speaking up for things that truly matter will be at the forefront right now.

In regards to expansion, you may feel pulled to dive deeper into subjects of interest...maybe even enrolling in a new course, listening to new podcasts or reading books that you may not have picked up before.

You are going to feel more driven around taking action towards achieving your longer term plans. Pay attention to where your mind wanders to, and make sure you're well researched before committing to any big decisions.

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Metaphysical Support

Crystals: Rainbow Fluorite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Chevron Amethyst.

Essential Oils: Throat Chakra EO Blend, Ascend The Soul, May Chang, Eucalyptus, Kanuka, Basil.

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The next FULL MOON is 17th June 2019 in Sagittarius

The next NEW MOON is 3rd July 2019 in Cancer (Solar Eclipse)

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