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October Astro Influences

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Full Moon in Aries // 14th October 2019 // 8:08AM AEDT

This moon is a challenging moon as the fiery FM in Aries is in a conflicting position to Pluto (the planet of death/rebirth and transformation) in Capricorn. Intense emotions and the potential for destructive behaviours can occur during this period. You can expect to get to the bottom of any lies or secrets, or confront a level of truth within yourself that helps you transform and evolve. Wait for any tensions to subside before taking action.
On the positive side, Jupiter (the planet of luck and optimism) urges us to open our eyes to the opportunities we have around us that we may not have seen before.
Discuss plans and ideas for growth with those closest to you, as these relationships will benefit greatly from the honesty in both personal and professional situations.




New Moon in Scorpio // 28th October 2019 // 2:38PM AEDT

Feel into any intuitive hits during this time as this will be your most reliable navigational tool during this very unpredictable aspect with Uranus (the planet of changes, chaos and spontaneity).
Mistakes and accidents can occur with carelessness and rash decision making, so try to remain as flexible and calm to any shock or unexpected situations that may arise.
Opportunities for delving deeper into your spiritual self will be beneficial right now, and may help offset any tension from close relationships. The time spent on your own personal growth allows you to have some much needed freedom for mental clarity.

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