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Elemental Crystal Cleansing

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Crystals hold onto energy. Over time this energy builds up and residual energy becomes stagnant making it harder to connect with our crystals. Crystals need baths just like us!

Elemental Crystal Cleanse (Air - Water - Earth - Fire)

Choose a couple items to represent the elements.
Simple items could be a feather for air, purified water for water, a plant for earth, a lit candle for fire.
Place your elemental items around the bowl including your water and gather your crystals.
Take your crystal as, one by one, and hover each crystal over the elements and say the blessing below, and then put the crystals in the bowl:

"by the power of earth, bless this stone"
"by the power of fire, bless this stone"
"by the power of air, bless this stone"
Now with your water, as you gently pour it in the bowl and over your crystals, say: "by the power of water, cleanse and bless these stones"

You can pick up each stone and bathe each one for at least 30 minutes.
You can even charge the bowl with Reiki if you are able to do so.
Make this cleanse personal and intimate to you. Once the cleanse is done, let them dry naturally under the sun if weather permits. If not, you can simply pat them dry.

Your crystals are ready to work with!

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