Full Moon Releasing Ritual

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A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to honour your journey and goals.
This is a ritual to release the things that no longer serve you & allows you to be set free from what's holding you back by marking the occasion with a meaningful period of reflection..

> Ground Yourself 
Find a quiet comfortable space, preferably under the direct moonlight.
Take a moment to take in slow deep breaths. If you wish you can also set up a small alter with any crystals, candles, oils, feathers or whatever tools you feel guided to use, to support you with your ritual..

In a Journal or on this paper, write down what you want to let go of.
What has held you back? What have you moved on from? What do you no longer need?
This could be anything from personal relationships to physical items, an opinion you have had that's changed or a trait/habit that no longer serves you.

Read over your list and allow yourself to FEEL the purge of what you are releasing. Still focusing on your breath. Visualise yourself letting go, feel the weight of what you are releasing lift off your shoulders and set you free.
You may also ask your spirit guides to help you with this.

>Heal and Nourish 
Releasing rituals are deeply emotional. Take this time to do something specifically for yourself, whether it be a nice relaxing bath, listening to relaxing music, meditating or pulling a card from an Oracle deck. Whatever it is, allow it to help balance and re-energise you as you return back to your day to day motions.

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