I Am: Kids Affirmation Deck // Love Cubs

I Am: Kids Affirmation Deck // Love Cubs

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The I AM collection consists of 30 beautifully designed cards, with hand painted animals that are symbolic for the words stated after I AM. These have been intuitively designed specifically for children. The beautiful designs stimulate the mind while the positive affirmations such as I AM Loved, I AM Strong, I AM Safe, I Am Kind, I am Grateful empower the child and promote self-love.

This collection is also a fantastic dual-purpose tool, as the cards make a great learning tool for both colour and animal recognition too!

The I AM Collection is printed in Brisbane, QLD, Australia on the highest quality 400gsm card stock, finished in a matte laminate allowing for prolonged use and withstanding those grubby little fingers. The cards have been created with rounded corners to ensure the safety of children as they won’t be able to resist getting their hands on these beautiful, brightly coloured cards!

Our decks are packaged in a stylish drawstring calico bag, helping to keep your cards safe and making them easy for transport and storing away neatly.

Consistently speaking ‘I AM’ will allow your subconscious to accept the statements as truth.

A few suggestions on how to use the I AM Collection with your little cubs:

  • Say the affirmations with your little ones and if they are able to, ask them to repeat the statement after you. If they are unable to repeat it, it is very important the ‘I’ isn’t replaced with ‘you’. The ‘I AM’ part of the statement truly is powerful.

  • Incorporate the cards into your child’s nightly routine. There is nothing more powerful and empowering than being reminded how amazing you are before drifting off to sleep.

  • Use the I AM Collection as part of your morning routine. Sit with your child and ask them to choose a card for the day. Have them display it where they can see it, repeat the statement and see if they can repeat the statement to themselves throughout the day.

  • For older children, leave the cards out where they can be easily accessed. Let your child lead a play experience. It could be based around the affirmations, emotions or even animal & colour recognition!

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