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Blue Kyanite in Fuchsite

  • $56.00

Ethically Sourced : Zimbabwe Grade: A+

The combination of these 2 minerals are rare, and it's locality comes from a very hard to access area of Africa.
Blue Kyanite is known for it's ability to direct and transfer energy from one point to another. It helps create bridges, or pathways to unblock stuck energy within the body, and encourages harmony on all mental, emotional, spiritual and spiritual fronts. Kyanite boosts intuition and psychic ability. It opens communication channels for open and honest dialect.
Fuchsite is a stone of health, rejuvenation and renewal. it’s a great stone for when you’re feeling dull. It helps bring a fresh perspective on things and restores equilibrium to your emotional self. Fuchsite amplifies the energy of other surrounding crystals.

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