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This page is dedicated to the current projects we are working with in no order of importance - they are all important!

We are a business partner with One Tree Planted. They plant one tree for every $1 donated. At the moment, we are working out how to integrate payments automatically based off store sales. Until then, we donate $25 USD quarterly. 

In light of the Amazonian rainforest fires, we donated to protect 2500 acres of indigenous lands on 22nd August 2019 through Rainforest Trust.


DW Embassy are protecting sacred trees of the Djapwurrung people who are the original custodians of the area.


On 22nd August 2019, I donated $50 on behalf of The Spiritual Toolbox to their Go Fund Me campaign.

Victoria Roads want to destroy culturally significant trees to build a 4 lane highway as a part of their $42 million dollar infrastructure plan.

This highway will also force the destruction of over 3000 trees and habitats. These beautiful trees include an 800 year old tree that has seen over 50 generations born inside of a hollow in her trunk and a 350 year old directions tree that has been shaped and resembles a Woman. This area is part of the song line, the series of scared trees and artefacts we find here regularly prove it’s significance.

The land is a source of food, spirit, identity and culture. The lands have a spiritual value and not an economic one. If the land is destroyed so is their dreaming. Their dreaming is our story and is what connects to the beginning of time, back to spirit ancestors, our creators.

From 2016-2018, we sponsored a Dingo from Sydney Dingo Rescue. His name was Fraser, and he is an Alpine Dingo. He went on to being adopted!


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