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Voluntas Potentia (Mars) - Arcane Ritual Oil

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Mars Ritual Oil: Channel the Fiery Power of the Red Planet


Experience the intense energy of Mars, the planet of willpower, courage, and drive, with our carefully crafted Mars Ritual Oil. Infused with the dynamic vibrations of this formidable celestial body, our oil is a potent tool for magicians, spiritual practitioners, and anyone seeking to tap into the fervour and ambition that Mars embodies.

Product Details:

  • Ingredients: A blend of sacred herbs, resins, and essential oils revered for their connection to Mars, synergistically combined to resonate with the planet's powerful energies.
  • Volume: 15ml 
  • Packaging: Comes in an clear glass bottle with a dropper

Key Benefits & Uses:

  • Courage & Assertiveness: Use this oil to embolden your spirit, fuelling courage, and assertiveness in challenging situations.
  • Passion & Desire: Invoke the raw, passionate energy of Mars to amplify your desires and manifest them into reality.
  • Protection: Mars is a warrior planet. Use its energies for protective magick and to ward off negative forces.
  • Drive & Ambition: If you're feeling stagnant, the Mars Ritual Oil can reignite your ambition, propelling you forward in your endeavours.

How to Use:

  1. Anointing: Apply a drop on your pulse points or chakras to imbue your aura with Mars' energy.
  2. Candles: Dress candles in the oil for spellwork, especially for intentions related to courage, ambition, or protection.
  3. Ritual Baths: Add a few drops to a ritual bath to immerse yourself in the fervent energies of Mars.
  4. Altar Offering: Place a drop on your altar as an offering to deities associated with Mars.

Ethical Commitment:

We're dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing. All ingredients are harvested with respect to the Earth and her treasures.

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