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Supra Velum (Moon) - Arcane Ritual Oil

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Dive deep into the mysterious allure of the night sky with our Supra Velum Ritual Oil. Drawing from the profound energies of the celestial moon, our handcrafted blend is designed to align your spirit with the gentle yet powerful cycles of the Moon. Whether you're celebrating a new moon intention or basking in the full moon's glow, our ritual oil offers a sacred connection to the Moon's ancient wisdom.

Key Features:

  • Pure Alignment: Harness the cyclical power of the moon to attune your rituals, manifestations, and meditative practices.

  • Sacred Ingredients: Infused with botanicals and crystals that resonate with lunar energies, each drop is a dance of the divine moonlight.

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for anointing, moon phase rituals, meditation, or simply as a fragrant reminder of the Moon's embrace.


  1. Emotional Balance: The moon, in her waxing and waning, mirrors the ebb and flow of our emotions. This oil aids in finding harmony amidst life's tides.
  2. Enhanced Intuition: Tap deeper into your innate wisdom and enhance psychic abilities under the moon's guiding light.
  3. Feminine Empowerment: Embrace and celebrate the divine feminine within, drawing strength from the Moon's nurturing essence.

How to Use:

  • Moon Phase Rituals: Anoint candles or sacred tools during new moon intentions or full moon releases.

  • Personal Anointment: Dab on pulse points or the third eye to harness the moon's energy throughout the day.

  • Meditation Companion: Apply a drop to your palms, rub gently, and inhale deeply before meditation to connect with lunar energies.

Responsibly Sourced:

Our commitment goes beyond the mystical. We believe in the magic of ethical sourcing. Every ingredient is selected with care, ensuring sustainability and respect for our planet.

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