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The Spiritual Toolbox

Black Obsidian Half Polished Slice

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Chosen Intuitively. Listing is for one (1) piece. 

Average piece is approx 5x5cm. Pieces may vary. 

Black Obsidian is a groundling and protective crystal made from volcanic glass. It is believed to be like a psychic vacuum cleaner, cleaning up all negative psychic debris, including removal of energetic attachments, hooks or cords.
Black Obsidian helps process feelings of anger and transmute into higher levels of clarity and understanding.

Black Obsidian is a great crystal for scrying and spirit communication. Scrying is a method of divination where you gaze into something in order to see psychic images. 

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Linda Baker
Perfect 💜

I purchased this slice for my daughter, beautiful. I have always had a positive online experience with this store. Thank U Rhi 💜