Natural Citrine Cluster

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This piece stands.



Natural Citrine ranges from light yellow to golden brown and will have consistency to it’s coloring.

Heat treated citrine is identified by bright orange points with a white base.

This is usually created by heating lower quality Amethyst.



Opens and stimulates the Solar Plexus chakra, which is located above the navel.

Dissipates and transmutes negative energy and fears.

Encourages financial prosperity and material possession.

Inspires creativity, personal power, endurance and initiative.

Draws in positive energy by carrying the warmth of the Sun.

Invites in positive business pursuits and partnerships.




Also known at the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine has been used for centuries in the cash boxes of merchants to encourage more income and material gain.

Citrine was named about 450 years ago after the French word citron, which means citrus.

Prior to this, it has been identified as chrysolitus (meaning golden stone) in both Latin and Roman verisons of the Old Testament, but it’s more likely that this was confused with Topaz.

Citrine was worn for protection, and in the 17th Century, it was used to adorn the dagger handles of weapons, and guard against snake venom.

Citrine was believed to have great mystical and healing powers and considered as a tonic for detoxifying and purifying the body by relieving symptoms of depression and anger.