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Cuprite *rare*

  • $15.00

Cuprite *rare* | Divine Feminine - Physical Energy - Healing From Fears - Rites of Passage |

*These are carefully hand carved from high quality minerals. They are NOT tumbled.

-Embodies the Divine Feminine, and encourages the connection and balance of the feminine polarity of our being. 
-A very grounding stone, Cuprite stimulates the base chakra and sacral chakra.
-Activates the Prana/life force energy to anyone with an under active root/base chakra. It awakens Kundalini energies and brings forth renewed vitality and physical energy.
-Beneficial for people healing through issues surrounding irrational or unexplained anxieties, fears and the concept of death or past traumas.
-Assists us in dealing with feminine related relationship issues (eg mother, daughter, sister, female partners or the archetypal feminine embodiment).

-Can support all types of feminine health and reproductive issues.

-Beneficial during periods of death and rebirth, change and transitions.

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