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Deep Dive Chakra Deck // Deep Dive Decks

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Deep Dive Into your Chakras

Your chakras are your body’s energy centers. They are spinning wheels of energy that
can both affect and be affected by your thoughts, emotions, and environment.

These seven chakras form a line from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. They are symbolised by the colours of the rainbow, starting with red and ending with violet.

Most importantly, they can all become blocked by different challenges we face in our lives.

Discover 70 powerful chakra journal prompts to heal your body's energy centers
in our deep dive Chakra deck.


Deck Specifications

• 70 Cards included in the deck.

• 90mm x 130 mm deck (Standard Oracle size) 

• 300GSM with a matt silk finish which feels divine to shuffle, without being too slippery.

• Each deck comes with an unbleached calico bag for safe storage.

• Each card contains the name of the chakra, journal prompt(s), and a powerful healing affirmation. 

• Each Chakra has 10 cards with prompts that cover both the aligned and shadow aspects. 

• Works beautifully when combined with Deep Dive Inner Child Deck, Tarot, and Oracle Cards.

• Our Deep Dive Decks are proudly Australian-designed and made. 

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