Dried Herb/Botanicals

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Available in 10-20g sachet depending on the herb itself.
If you require more, just get in contact with us :)

All herbs or botanicals are wildcrafted or organic where noted.

Agrimony (organic)
Protection, Sleep and Reversal of Spells.
Spiritual Tip: Place under pillow for a deep sleep.
Basil (organic)
Love, Banishing, Wealth, Protection and Courage
Spiritual Tip: Burn in your place of business for prosperity.
Blue Mallow
Fertility, Beltane, Family, Peace.
Cat Magic, Beauty, Happiness and Love.
Cinnamon ground (organic) or sticks
Spirituality, Success, Power, Love, Lust, Protection, Psychic Powers, Mental Focus and Healing.
Comfrey Leaf
Good for any Magical Healing. Tissue and Bone Healer. Money Spells. Safety during Travel.
Calamus Root (organic) NOT FOR INGESTION
Kundalini, Aphrodisiac, Hex Breaking.
Chamomile (organic)
Sleep, Money, Love and Purification
Love, Protection and Psychic Powers.
Elderberry (organic)
Leadership, Honour, Health
Spiritual Tip: Make into a magical ink.
Jasmine (organic)
Love, Sensuality, Money, Meditation and Propehtic Dreams.
Lavender (organic)
Love, Chastity (when used with Rosemary), Sleep, Protection, Purification, Peace, Longevity and Happiness.
Luck, Forgiveness, Male Fertility.
Protection. Clarity
Palo Santo (wood chips)
Clearing enery. Immune System
Rose (organic)
Used for love magic, and to return calm energies to the home.
St Johns Wort (organic)
Happiness, Anti Anxiety, Depression.
White Willow Bark
Binding, Fertility, Lunar Flow, Transformation, Regeneration.
Wood Betony
Protection, Purification and Love.
Purification, Rekindling Love, Enhances Spellwork.