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The Spiritual Toolbox

'Guardian' Essential Oil Perfume Range

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*Perfumes are only available in Australia ONLY via Australia Post or Courier's Please road service. No express shipping available on these perfumes even if you choose it at check out. If you are International and wish to try these perfumes, we can organise an eau de toilette, which will be softer in scent but approved for air travel.

Our Guardian perfume range essential oil perfumes are designed to evoke a deep feeling within you, and take you to an energetic space. We call this space an astral temple. a sacred space in the astral realm where you are divinely guided and protected.

Created by the clinical aromatherapist Aromatherapy With Sarah for The Spiritual Toolbox

Guardian of The Woods: 

Evoking words: balancing, meditation, quieten the busy mind, balance to the heart and soul, adding feminine elements to a masculine world, connection to self, creativity for the artistic, connection to roots.

Ingredients: Aqua, Natural Sugar Alcohol, Australian Buddha Wood, Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Bergamot

Guardian of The Light: 

Evoking words: radiating white light, golden sunshine, etheric connection, divinity, angelic, inspiring, lightheartedness, inner child, dream work, enchanting.

Ingredients: Aqua, Natural Sugar Alcohol, Amber, Melissa, Helichrysum, Peru Balsam, Rock Rose, Galbanum, Tuberose, White Grapefruit, Angelica Root.

Guardian of The Dark: 

Evoking words: Rebellious, strength, alluring, authentic, strong, embracing the dark, ancient, evocative, deep earth, power, inspiration, sexual liberation.

Ingredients: Aqua, Natural Sugar Alcohol, Amber, Oakmoss, Myrrh, Copaiba, Patchouli, Australian Buddha Wood, 

Customer Reviews

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I bought "Guardian of the Woods" as a Christmas present for myself and it is SO GOOD. I imagine I am a cloaked wood witch surrounded by forest animals when I apply it. Such a good price point for a truly lush product.

Nat. W
Divine perfume

Guardian of the Woods perfume is absolutely divine! Complex light alluring scent that does not smell like a hippie perfume. It reminds of a french perfume, it is simply beautiful! Only wish you had it in a stronger Eau de Parfum and larger bottle. However this size 15ml is perfect for your handbag or holidays as its light weight. Going to buy the other 2 fragrances and simply cannot wait to try them! Well done Rhi from Spiritual TB and Aromatherapy with Sarah on creating such heavenly beauty!


I ordered guardian of the dark after leaving a toxic marriage and OMG I can't even explain how good this makes me feel. It smells so empowering. The only fault is that the 15ml bottle isn't big enough haha.
The smell lasts all day and I get wafts of it and smile. Thank you