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Intuition + Initiation Unscented Soy Tealights

  • $30.00

Initiation - for action, manifesting, motivation and fresh beginnings. Supports the energy of the New Moon.

Pure soy wax with an approx burn time of 20hrs. 

Infused with carnelian and clear quartz crystals for passion and clarity. 

Organic botanicals of cinnamon, rose, chamomile and frankincense resin. 

The sigil (magick symbol) for Initation features the upright triangle representing the element of Fire (action, passion and motivation). It has the suns rays radiating outwards representing warmth, growth and again, the element of fire. An upwards arrow through the centre symbolises direction and focus. 

You can use this sigil for your own magick and practice when you need the energy of Initiation around you. You can draw it, or envision it where you need it. 

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