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The Spiritual Toolbox

Kids Magick Workshop Pack

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After hosting a successful workshop, parents who weren’t able to bring their children / or who were too far away didn’t want their child to miss out on this fun opportunity to learn some magick concepts. 

Suitable age 7-12 yrs old but use your best judgement for your child.

If your child has a favourite colour, please let me know so I can choose the bracelet and pendulum accordingly 💕

In this pack you will receive:

-workbook (6 pages, plus a blank space to draw sigils, and cover page)


-bracelet (to turn into a talisman) 

-assorted herbs (Individually packed)

-assorted crystals

-drawstring pouches

Your child will learn:

-how to charge a talisman

-how to create an intention/spell pouch 

-how to use a pendulum

-how to create sigils (magick symbols)

-colour correspondences and how to use colours to help them feel better


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