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City Of Kings

Smokey Quartz + Aegirine Necklace - Silver 925- [5]

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Smokey Quartz is associated with the Root chakra, and is great for grounding. Wear it when you’re feeling spacey or feeling homesick. It’s protective and helps guard against energetic and geopathic stress.
Aegirine helps remove stuck or stagnant energies from the body and helps us work through our feelings of guilt or shame.

Material - 925 silver
Length of chain - 18" / 45cm

All items are handmade and delicate. Please wear with care and avoid dropping or knocking pieces against hard surfaces. Remove pieces before swimming, showering or applying perfumes + products. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

Customer Reviews

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Such a stunning piece!

This has now become one of my favourite pieces, it’s not only beautiful but it has the nicest energy!