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Sorcerous Sundries

Perfume Oil // Sorcerous Sundries

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Perfume Blend

10ml // Perfume oils come in a black glass bottle with metal ball roller.

All perfume oils are oil burner/warmer safe.

Test a small patch on your skin first, as some essential and fragrance oils can irritate sensitive skin.
Contains Almond Oil.

Perfume oils are handmade with a proprietary blend of oils, magic and crystal energies to evoke the strongest of emotions. Warm the perfume bottle within your hands, creating an energy flow from you to the oil and then roll on where you desire.

As Above, So Below is a perfume of perfect balance with aromas. This perfume is for self-empowerment, connecting to the Divine and healing the divisions between the Self.
Quod est superius est sicut quod inferius, et quod inferius est sicut quod est superius.
That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above.

As Above, So Below is a light unisex perfume that’s perfect for meditation.

The Veiled One - This perfume oil is dedicated to the Cailleach, the Veiled One. The Celtic ruler of the dark half of the year, from Samhain to Beltaine. She is the dark mother and the harvester, a creator of both life and death. She teaches you that you cannot be lazy or ignore advice from the Divine, for she will enforce those lessons one way or another.

Wear this perfume oil daily, for when it comes to working with the Veiled One, there can only be strength and confidence in every step.

Mortal Desire - Mortal Desire is an exquisite blend of the finest love drawing essences to evoke romance, passion and courage. This sweet yet deeply spicy blend will have everyone’s senses dancing with enticement. Allow this magical blend to enchant those around you and leave them wondering who you are.

Use Mortal Desire as a perfume to charm and allure another or simply strengthen your courage needed for any situation.

This daily perfume oil is perfect for those who wish to live a little on the darker side of life.

Piercing The Veil - This dark and spicy daily wear perfume will hone in on energies powerful enough to have you piercing through the veil, seeing the unseen.

A word of warning, this potion is not for the inexperienced. This potion, when worn daily, will have you slipping into a trance like state where dreams mix with the awaken reality. Messages, visions and communication with the beyond come easily and will be hard to shake.

Allow this powerful blend to uplift the misty veil, piercing through the mundane and aid you in having a foot in each world.

Best used during the thinning of the veil, during Samhain and Beltane.

The Key - The Key spell perfume is an oil that will aid in shedding your many egos, blocking you from living for fullest life. Your egos like to hide as something positive when in reality, they block you from the path you’re meant to walk. This daily wear spell oil is to aid you in unlocking those shadow gates within yourself. To help heal deep seated emotional scars, habits and compulsions created over the many years. Its scent opens you to aspects of yourself, past and future, to enhance your present self.

For best results, use The Key spell perfume on a Waning or Dark moon and in conjunction with The Gate Incense

Valley of PlentyToss a coin to your- oh sorry, I didn’t see you there. Are you too, following the alluring scent of the Vengerber sorceress, the Valley of Plenty? It is rather intoxicating, like being embraced by the greatest of lovers. The sweet, yet tart and soft scent will do strange things to even the strongest of willed people.

VampireVampire is inspired by a love that will truly last forever from one euphoric Dark Kiss. A truly sensual and enticing scent that will leave you lusting for more. This perfume will have others turning their heads and taking a second look as soon as the intoxicating scent hits their nose.

Vampire – beautiful, sensual, seductive, mysterious, undead and most importantly, immortal*.
(*unless exposed to sunlight or fire)

A daily, musky unisex fragrance for anyone that likes to live on the darker side of life.

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