Complimentary Restore The Soul (for immune support) Essential Oil with ALL ORDERS. Under $40 You'll receive 5ml topical blend (rrp $8). Over $40 You'll receive a 15ml roll on topical blend (rrp $18). Over $120 you'll receive a 5ml PURE(rrp $35).

Pink Tourmaline in Quartz + Mica

  • $228.00

21cm x 12cm x 10cm

Pink Tourmaline / Rubellite | Love - Emotional Healing - Relaxation - Rekindling Passions |


-Resonates deep with the Heart chakra and can open up any blockages and stagnation.

-Supports those who have undergone heart surgery or have ongoing heart complications.

-Supports emotional healing, particularly from old wounds. 

-Inspires feelings of joy, happiness and contentment due to its high lithium content.

-Helps you to surrender to the concept of love, universal love and our interconnectedness as a collective.

-Helps alleviate all matters of the heart, and can aid in releasing stress, anxiety and worries.


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