Planetary Oils // Natura Maga

Planetary Oils // Natura Maga

Natura Maga

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Planetary Oils by Natura Maga

Planetary Anointing Oils are a herbal alchemy creation that work to create a powerful magical focus for your intention or desired outcome. They embody the specific energetic keynotes of each one of each specific planet and help you attune to their celestial powers.

You can use our Planetary Anointing Oils to anoint candles, sacred objects and ritual tools, as well as use them as offerings to the corresponding Deities.

Sun - Success, energy and cultivation of power.

Day of the week - Sunday
The Sun relates to self image, willpower, confidence and ego. Just as the Sun is the centre of the earth's Solar System, so does the Sun play a vital role in your life on earth. Your life goals are linked to your Sun - its Zodiac Sign and its position in your chart. The Sun gives you an indication of how you can shine in your life. You will feel truly alive when you're living the traits indicated by your Sun. Understanding the energy of your own zodiacal Sun is a good starting point to understanding yourself and your purpose in life.
Safety: Non toxic, no known contraindications.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, frankincense essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Moon - Emotions, intuition and fertility.

Day of the week - Monday
The Moon is reflective of your inner nature, instincts and emotional security. It shows you what you need, how sensitive you are, and your feminine side. The Moon depicts roots, home and family. It also shows our habitual nature or subconscious patterns of behaviour which stand in the way of achieving our life goals. While the Moon can show us our strengths, it can also depict your weaknesses which need to be overcome in order to be successful in life.
Safety: Non toxic, no known contraindications.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, jasmine essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Mercury - Communication, travel, technology and thoughts/mental cognition.

Day of the week - Wednesday
Mercury is the planet of travel, communication, intelligence and intellect. It guides how you think, talk, listen, write and express yourself. It’s reflective of your academic schooling and learning through life experience.
Safety: Non toxic, avoid if pregnant or nursing.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, bergamot essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Venus - Beauty, love, health and self care.

Day of the week - Friday
Venus is the planet of love, relationships, desires and all matters of the heart. It shows you your softer side and how you draw in abundance and harmony. It reveals the type of relationship you value, and what you are seeking from our most intimate relationship. This planet also depicts how we like to relate to our environment and other people, not just our primary partner, and how much importance we place on money and resources.
Safety: Non toxic, avoid during pregnancy.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, rose essential oil, tuberose essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Mars  - Action, motivation, defence and strength.

Day of the week - Tuesday
Mars is the ruling planet of determination, courage, drive and aggression. It also governs your sex drive. Mars is the planet that tells us about our assertion and what motivates us.
Safety: Non toxic, possible phototoxicity, will cause skin sensitivites. Exercise caution on skin and avoid topical contact.
Ingredients:  Organic olive oil oil, sandalwood essential oil, honeysuckle essential oil + herbs/botanicals including chilli, pepper and cayenne pepper.

Jupiter - Good fortune, expansion and money.

Day of the week - Thursday
Jupiter is the planet of excitement, abundance, faith or beliefs and optimism. It also represents your sense of adventure and joy and is known as the planet of good luck. The planet Jupiter also tells you about your goals in life, in particular the areas in which you are likely to succeed. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and wisdom. Ancient astrologers believed that the planet Jupiter had a greatly beneficial effect on a person's life.
Safety: Non toxic, avoid if pergnant or nursing.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, cedarwood essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Saturn - Protection, stability and cleansing.

Day of the week - Saturday
Saturn represents your commitment, integrity, longevity, discipline and fears. It’s where your life’s challenges stem from, and is known as the planet of Karma.  Saturn also represents responsibility, boundaries and structure; structure that provides a positive framework within which we can build, or structure that limits our development and forces us to reassess our liabilities and assets. This planet is also linked with our ambitions, and how we approach the practical side of life. 
Safety: Non toxic, no known contraindications.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, hyssop essential oil, patchouli essential oil+ herbs/botanicals

Neptune - Mysticism, dreams and transcendence.

Neptune represents inspiration, mysticism, fantasy, dreams, and more negatively, delusions and deception. It’s connected to the Divine, and altered states of being either through transcendence or substances. Neptune is the planet of creativity and spirituality. It represents both the bliss of spiritual attainment and the heights of creativity. This isn't personal spirituality and creativity which comes at the expense of others, but gifts which can benefit humanity. This planet also represents the confusion that can accompany the road to discovering when we are being selfish, as opposed to when we are generously thinking of how our gifts can benefit others.

Safety: Non toxic, possible phototoxicity (avoid direct sunlight if using topically).
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, orange essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Uranus  - Liberation, innovation and breakthroughs.

Uranus is the planet if surprises, changes, breakthroughs , progress and chaos.
It’s your sense of freedom, independence and liberation. It’s also associated with unpredictability and anarchy. Uranus represents originality and unconventionality and tells us the areas in which we break with convention, become innovative and experiment with new and exciting ways. In some circles of astrology Uranus represents the creative genius which comes directly via our soul or higher self.

Safety: Non toxic, no known contraindications.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, clove bud essential oil + herbs/botanicals

Pluto -  Transformation, detoxing and cycles of death + rebirth.

Pluto is a planet of transformation, power and healing. It represents the birth, death and rebirth cycle, and how you de-clutter or detox from anything that no longer serves your highest purpose. The planet Pluto challenges us to transform our lives by clearing out our old habits to make way for the new, more rewarding ways of living. The process isn't necessarily an easy one, as most of us cling tenaciously to the comfort offered by habitual patterns, and are rather scared of new paths. Pluto shows us in which areas of our lives we need to grow, and to a certain extent whether we're likely to find the process of growing painful or joyful.
Safety: Non toxic, no known contraindications.
Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, patchouli, activated charcoal + herbs/botanicals

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