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The Spiritual Toolbox

Psychic Development Deck

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Psychic Development Deck

This deck of 24 cards consists of 6 images designed and created so that you can learn to work with your own intuition, in it’s own unique way - plus 3 information cards.

Similar to concept of Zener Cards, created in the 1930's to test extra sensory perception (ESP), I wanted to create something that allowed ALL the psychic senses to be able to connect in some way, shape or form, instead of rigid symbols with only one correct answer.

I have included colour correspondences, symbolism and evoking feelings to bring together a simple tool that you can use solo, partnered, or in groups.

1. Before You Get Started

I want you to get a feel of each of the 6 cards. Spend some time connecting with each card. Figure out what it means to YOU.

Does it make you reflect back on a memory?

Does is spark a feeling or emotion inside of you?

Can you hear, taste or feel a physical sensation?

What concepts can you associate?

These are all clues that will help you understand your perception and intuition, and to get to know the imagery that you’ll be trying to correctly guess!

2. Programming Your Cards

You can embed this gained insight into the cards themselves. Hold a card, or a group of the same cards, and focus on the memories, senses and emotions you’ve discovered. With you mind’s eye, place this information into the cards. Envision that the image will spark the psychic senses required to help sharpen your skills. Continue this for all cards, then you are ready to go!


3. Using Your Cards

Choose a card, face down, and hold it, connect with it, and focus on any information you can pick up or “read” off the card.

Pay attention to what comes up. Do you feel something? Hear something? Recall a memory? Have a sudden urge? Rising emotions?

When you’re ready, flip the card over. 

If you got the card choice wrong - don’t stress! Psychic skills are just like building muscles at a gym, it takes time and practice. 

Keep trying, and record your results if you feel called to. Recording your results are great for watching your progress over time.


Another way to work with these cards is to choose one card and keep it in a safe place at home or carry with you for the day. Try and sense any information coming off the card. When you’re ready, flip the card over and review.


4. Working in Pairs/Small Groups
Divide the cards up equally. One person/group starts first and chooses a card. Envision the card, colours, imagery, emotions and any sensory correspondences. Keep visualising while the other person or group tries to intuit the information to result in an answer.


Working in pairs or groups helps you hone in on other psychic skills like telepathy, empathy, precognition, clairvoyance and possibly even remote viewing.


5. Errors and Perceptions

If you intuit the “wrong” card - were you really wrong? Or did you just pick up on something that you hadn’t yet associated with the card? Or if working in pairs or groups, did you pick up on fleeting thoughts from the other person/people?

The Black card for example, it has moon phases, a circle, dark imagery and a representation of cycles, rebirth, protection and restoration. This could be also interpreted as feelings of isolation or sadness, repression, the night’s sky, shadow work or fears. 

This is why steps 1 and 2 are vital for setting the foundations. 

It’s also important to note that if working in pairs or groups, staying focussed is important.

Comes in a drawstring bag and 27 cards (3 cards are a guide to using the deck) 

Size 8.5cm x 5.5cm 

Created by The Spiritual Toolbox ©

Designed by Prism + Fleur 

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