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Singing Bowl (White)

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This beautifully crafted Singing Bowl adorned with the intricate design of the Flower of Life, a symbol revered in sacred geometry. This singing bowl combines the therapeutic power of sound with the profound spiritual symbolism of the Flower of Life to create a tool that is as visually stunning as it is spiritually potent.

Ideal for use in a variety of settings, from personal altars to yoga studios and holistic healing centres, this singing bowl is not only a functional instrument but also a significant piece of spiritual decor. It serves as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the protective and nurturing embrace of the universe.

Experience the harmonic vibrations and aesthetic beauty of our Flower of Life Singing Bowl. It’s an exceptional tool that will enhance your meditation practice and beautify any space with its sacred geometry.

How To Use a Singing Bowl

Using a singing bowl is a meditative and therapeutic practice that can enhance relaxation, focus, and spiritual connection. Here’s a concise guide on how to use a singing bowl effectively:

  1. Before you begin, take a moment to clear your mind and set your intention for the session. This could be for relaxation, healing, meditation, or simply to enjoy the sounds and vibrations.

  2. If your singing bowl is small, hold it in the palm of one hand; for larger bowls, place them on a cushion or flat surface.

  3. Gently tap the bowl with the mallet to warm it up. This initial contact helps the bowl begin to resonate.

  4. Hold the mallet like you would a pen. For a continuous sound, circle the outside rim of the bowl with the mallet, applying even pressure and maintaining a steady, even pace. Keep the mallet upright and use the full arm to make the motion smooth.

  5. As you circle, listen to the sound. It should be clear and steady. If the sound breaks or becomes jarring, adjust your speed or pressure. It usually takes a few tries to find the right technique.

  6. Once you produce a consistent sound, close your eyes and focus on the vibrations emanating from the bowl. Let the sound fill the room and resonate within your body.

  7. To end your session, allow the bowl to continue singing while you slowly decrease your circling until you naturally stop. Let the bowl's sound fade naturally into silence.

  8. Take a moment to sit in silence and reflect on the experience, noticing any changes in your mental or physical state.

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