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Soy wax - Size: 6cm tall

Skull candles are symbolic to the mind, so it helps direct intention and spell work for a specific person as opposed to a situation.

Carve any intentions, symbolism and anoint with resins or oils into or on the candle if desired. 

Skull candles can be using in your craft to represent the mental state of yourself or someone else.
Carve in sigils, symbols or words of intent before you burn it to bring you (or someone else) mental clarity (or turmoil - but let's focus on the positive things 😉). They can bring healing and help the target better understand a situation or gain closure.
▪Skull candles can also be used for health, as it's representative of death. The candle for this purpose would he burned using the skull to represent the sick person. Use aligned anointing oils, herbs or carvings to state your intention, and watch how the candle burns, as this could give you a clear sign on the outcome.
▪If you treat your candle like a poppet (or representation of a person), it can be very useful to assist with breaking self destructive behaviours of the mind such as addictions and habits that don't serve your highest good.

Red Correspondences: Planet of Mars, Love, Passion, Anger, Strength, Power.

White Correspondences: Purity, Clarity, Focus.

Black Correspondences: Protection, banishing, Planet of Saturn.

SAFETY: Never leave a candle burning alone or near drafts/flammable items. Burn in a candle holder, or over a fireproof dish. Ceramic and glass work well. 

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