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Loose Incense | Sorcerous Sundries

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Glass Vial Loose Incense

Please do not inhale the smoke directly.
Never leave anything burning unattended.
Always burn incense in a well ventilated room.

Ritual incense contains all natural imported and wildcrafted resins, mixed with herbs, roots and flowers from the Sorcerous Sundries garden!
Arcane Circle incense comes in a glass vial with cork.

Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or fire resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disc.

Allow your creativity flow free during spell work and watch the enchanting plumes of smoke rise from your cauldron. Burn this incense daily to keep shifting the energy within a space, stopping stagnant energy from forming.


-Arcane Circle is for shifting the energies surrounding you so powerfully, that it creates a perfect circle of protection. This powerful boundary will protect you from outside forces and influences whilst you’re weaving your magic within the circle. Protect yourself from negative energy and allow yourself to have full focus on your spellcasting. Summon the Elements, summon the Fae, welcome in all you wish to help with your magical workings!

-Ars Magica is an incense that will invoke a forgotten and ancient magic deep within your very soul. When burned, it will teach you how to walk the path of magic without fear, without hate and deepen your magical practice. You will feel the centuries old wisdom come rushing back to you.

Allow the smoke to clear the stagnant energy within the room, bringing forth clarity and stability. This will open a path for more control over your spells.

-Banish Negativity incense should be everyone’s go to incense for daily and long term removal of negative energy. As from day to day, we unintentionally pick up energy hooks from others and sometimes these hooks can weigh us down. By using this blend, you’ll banish and remove the unwanted energies from objects and people that do not serve the better of you.

-Full Moon has a divine energy, a great force from which we draw power from during ritual. Enchanted by the moon, this Full Moon incense will aid in shifting the energies to your favour and have your spell be heard. Manifest your strongest desires during the time of the Full Moon or simply burn to honour the Moon Mother. Use this natural incense to harness and utilise the energies from both the aromatic incense and the moon!

Magical Uses: Wishes, Manifestation, Healing, Divination, Intuition, Blessings and Clairvoyance

-Shadow Weaver brings a powerful shift in energy when burnt. This is a darker form of magic, sitting amongst the shade of grey in the spirit realm, allowing you to feel all truths. So it’s not for the faint of heart as it may cause sensory overload. Magic is about balance, too much light can suffocate the dark and too much darkness can drown out the light. Allow yourself to take full control over your spirit, guide it, gain powerful knowledge and manifest what you truly desire!

Best used on a Dark Moon for powerful shadow manifestation. Please practice safe magic and do not call forth what you can not send back. If using for meditation purposes to seek your shadow self, please only enter this place in sound body and mind.

Magical Uses: Power, Divination, Astral Travel, Summon Spirits, Sex Magic, Offensive and Defensive Magic

-The Gate is an incense blend that will allow you to walk deep within your very spirit, to inner darkness, to find the many gates your shadow self hides in. This journey will be long, crooked and sometimes scary, but very much needed. For your shadow self disguises itself as something positive, something for the better, but it’s just a stubborn repressed ego that needs to be checked. Your shadow will not change over night, as changing habits, compulsions and obsessions isn’t an easy task.

Burn during the Waning or Dark Moon for deep meditation to shed light on your repressed inner darkness.

-Witch’s Sight incense is a magical blend that will aid in creating a link to your conscious, subconscious and the divine. Essentially, it will remove the Veil, allowing for an easier read on what is to come or what has already happened. You’ll be able to connect the dots of the daily synchronicities with ease and bring forth visions from cosmic connections.

Awaken your senses to the Higher Realms. Draw spirit guides and elders near to you so you can receive their messages with deep clarity.

The truth is always there, just sometimes we wear the veil of the mundane world and need a little push to see beyond.

Magical Uses: Psychic Power, Clairvoyance, Divination, Premonitions & Channelling

-Witch’s Ward is an incense that will encircle you within its protective shield, allowing you to weave your magic without fear. As it is the feeling of being protected that offers us a chance to relax, concentrate and focus on the task at hand and just live your life to the fullest. This blend isn’t just for ritual protection, this blend creates a force field of protection around yourself and space or home. Burn this incense and know that you are safe.

Magical Uses: Protection, Deflecting, Aura Healing, Grounding and Banishing Negative Emotion

-Witch's Bounty. To create a witch’s bounty, one must know how to work with the laws of attraction. This incense brings together various wealth attracting energies in one delicious smelling blend. Allow yourself to create a healthy relationship with money, remove the fear of debt and start attracting wealth into your life. Wealth comes in many forms; love, money, friends and health are but a few examples of a sort out rich bounty. Burn to bring in a steady flow of money and prosperity in abundance!

Magical Uses: Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance, Growth

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