Spark The Soul Box

Spark The Soul Box

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Comes with everything pictured.

1x 5ml Pure Spark The Soul // Invigorating
100 drops of pure essential oils.
Ingredients: Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Geranium and Organic Lemon

1x Yellow Calcite Heart
Properties of happiness, hope and confidence.

1x Citrine Cluster
Properties of prosperity, warmth and optimism.

1x Soy Tealight candle
The element of Fire inspires creation and transformation.

3x Palo Santo + Smudging Mantra Card
Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is great for energetically cleansing a person or space of stagnant or negative vibes.

To use: Light one end on fire and let it catch alight for about 10-30 seconds or as required to get the wood burning. Blow out the flame and let the smoke cleanse yourself or your space. When you're finished, blot out on a firesafe dish or pop in a closed glass jar to stop the burning. Relight as required.