Full Moon Protection

Full Moon Protection

If man is not affected in some way by the Moon, he is the only thing on Earth that isn’t.
– Robert Millikan (1868-1953), US physicist & 1923 Nobel Prize winner

Unpopular Opinion - I don't think we should "worship" or romanticise the moon like we are taught to in the New Age movement. I don't think that putting your crystals out under a full moon is going to do anything... and here's why.

Based off research of many old esoteric texts from around the world, I noticed that there was a consistent belief that the moon, when in it's powerful full moon phase, has a thinning veil effect on the astral realms. This thinning veil leaves us vulnerable to experiencing more negative effects.

Some people believe the moon is actually an alien satellite. I don't know whether I believe that, but I do think that there is some truth to the ancient texts. There is no denying that the Moon has a powerful, measurable and very physical effect on humans, and our bodies of water here on earth. 

I stumbled upon a fantastic article by Tom Montalk regarding this. I have linked it here. It's a long read, but a good one.

"According to Ouspensky, the moon acts as a giant electromagnet pulling upon all organic life on earth and sucking into itself the soul essence of dying creatures. The moon is an embryonic planet receiving its nutrition from organic life on earth through an etheric umbilical cord, an energy conduit between earth and moon.”

A well respected authority on mystical and occult traditions, says “traditionally… the Moon has been regarded as a ‘funnel’ drawing on the light of the stars and constellations and transmitting their energies to the Earth.” (The Dictionary of the Esoteric by Nevill Drury, Watkins Publishing, London 2002)

Bernhard Guenther writes "The moon also plays a teaching function from an esoteric perspective (just as the occult forces do) in the bigger picture of soul evolution and the process of awakening. In other words, if it affects you in any shape or form, it's an opportunity for self-inquire to see where the entry point is within you, maybe a shadow aspect is being triggered or you may have some blind spots which occult forces take advantage of during a full moon. Blind spots can also be related to temptations or people you surround yourself with who can act as portals for these forces. If you have done full moon ceremonies in the past and called in any beings there may be an agreement of entrapment that could still affect you and become activated during a full moon."

So what does this even mean?

If we are vulnerable during a full moon on an energetic level, then it would make sense to work a bit harder at protecting ourselves from the influences. 

Tom Montalk wrote "The ultimate goal of this knowledge is to increase awareness and help one gain an upper hand over otherwise invisible and subliminal influences. Applied awareness always has an inverse effect upon negative influences; for instance, while lunar windows tend to induce suffering by default, through awareness one can make use of temporary dimensional fluidity to more effectively intend for and manifest positive futures. With awareness one can learn more efficiently, have a smoother and more exciting path of progress through life, avoid unproductive obstacles, and gain a measure of liberation from the enslaving effect of ignorance."

Full Moon Protection

As an astrologist and someone who has personally romanticised the moon for many years without discerning whether the process was actually assisting or hindering me, I have had to re-learn a lot of beliefs and actions surrounding the moon.

Staying extra vigilant and making sure you are grounded are the most important factors that I've learnt in my search for information.

You can still release the things that no longer serve you, to be energetically set free from what's holding you back, but I would suggest you include some sort of shielding in your practice too.

> Ground Yourself

Find a quiet comfortable space. Take a moment to take in slow deep breaths. If you wish you can also set up a small altar with any crystals, candles, oils, feathers or whatever tools you feel guided to use, to support you.

> Shield

Visualise yourself in an impenetrable shield of light. It can be any colour you wish it to be. Imagine the bright, luminous light expanding outwards so that it encompasses every part of your aura. 

Affirm "I am shielded from all harm, danger and attacks. I am protected by this luminous and impenetrable shield. And so it is". 

> Write 

In a Journal or on this paper, write down what you want to let go of.
What has held you back? What have you moved on from? What do you no longer need?
This could be anything from personal relationships to physical items, an opinion you have had that's changed or a trait/habit that no longer serves you.

> Reflect

Read over your list and allow yourself to FEEL the purge of what you are releasing. Still focusing on your breath. Visualise yourself letting go, feel the weight of what you are releasing lift off your shoulders and set you free.

> Heal and Nourish 

Releasing rituals are deeply emotional. Take this time to do something specifically for yourself, whether it be a nice relaxing bath, listening to relaxing music, meditating or pulling a card from an Oracle deck. Whatever it is, allow it to help balance and re-energise you as you return back to your day to day motions.


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