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School of Magick is a monthly subscription hosted on the platform Patreon. 

You can sign up, and cancel anytime. You are not locked into anything. 

On this platform, we dive deeper into witchcraft, astrology, tarot and the occult. 


Magick Ink Class

Remedy for Nightmares

Cord Cutting

To Protect Against Psychic Attacks

Constructing a Ritual

Break Bad Habits Ritual

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel 


How To Make a Golem

New Year Blessings

Strengthening Your Auric Shield

Past, Present, Future Ritual

Psychic Protection

Portal Stone

LOVE Magick
How To Make Extra Money
"I am so lucky" Knot Magick for Stopping Gossip and Slander
Candle Magick BTS Easy Banishing Spell
How To Control Energy Projections Quick Binding Spell
Glamour Magick Break A Curse Ritual
How To Use a Pendulum Simple Lemon/Clove Protection Ward
Scrying Tips Finding Lost Objects
Creating an anchor to the liminal space 
Binding Spell (for self)
Dowsing Rods
Importance Of The Light Body
Egg Cleanse
Programming Crystals
Protection Magick Intro Rambings
Writing A Petition
Sacred Space 
Elemental Breathing


Tarot 101 - 1 (weekly lessons) AUDIO - Astral Travel Class
Tarot 101 - 2 Love Magick Booklet
4 Bodies Tarot Spread Herbs For Protection
Calculate Your Tarot Card Of The Year
Sigils and Ciphers
Tarot Card Hack Planetary Squares
Esoteric Tarot BOS Pages
Shadow Working your Tarot Deck Psychic Protection
Elements, Casting a Circle + Synchros
Journalling, "Clair's" + Self Observation



Pluto entering Aquarius Lughnasadh / Imbolc
2023 Lunar New Year Equinox / Mabon + Ostara
Mercury Retrograde Samhain / Beltane
Venus Retrograde Litha / Yule
Mars Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde Equinox


Ouroboros How Essential Oils Work
 How Magic Mushrooms Explain Christmas Saturnalia
 4 Ways To Boost Your Abundance Liminal Spaces
 Chakra 101 - Part 1 - Root Chakra Boundaries
9 Tailed Fox Superstition of Japan Mermaids Myths + Folklore
 Trauma Can Open Doors in Magick VAMPIRES Myths + Folklore
Magnetism of Water Numbers in Magick
Triggers + Mother Wounds Sacred Septenary (Magic of 7)
Personal New Years Hag Stones
Mottos Invocation vs Evocation
Links and Anchors Types of Altars
Fears + Signs Ancient Amulet
What is Magick?


The Secret Language Of Your Body - Inna Legal
Herbal Book Recommendations
Psychic Vampires - Joe H. Slate
The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep - Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche