About Us

The Spiritual Toolbox was created based off a dream to spread more good vibes, positivity, love and light into the world.

I want to inspire and help you find your true self by living an intention based, free-spirited life.

Rhi is the Magic Maker of TST.

Rhi has qualifications in Reiki, Aromatherapy, and is a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. Interests include astrology, tarot and oracle reading, crystals, exploring native cultures of the world and staying closely connected to the Earth and working with the natural phases and cycles.

Our vision with these boxes is to create a platform to showcase the real talents, businesses and services of others in our fields of interests, as well as teach and guide those who are wanting to learn more about the new age/metaphysical world.

By creating this brand, we are also very mindful of our impact on the Earth.

– We support local/family and small businesses who share the same ethics as us.

– We are conscious of our footprint on the Earth. We use post consumer recycled products where we can, and ensure that our packaging comes from responsibly produced companies, and make every effort to reduce waste.

– We give back to our community and have worked with Sydney Dingo Resuce, which is a sub charity of Sydney Fox Rescue, and Pound Paws. Both charities help rehome rescue animals.