Qualified Aromatherapist Practitioner Product (QAPP)

Qualified Aromatherapist Practitioner Product (QAPP)

What is it?
I wanted something visual to identify that the aromatherapy products we offer are made in way that ensures safety and quality, and that the blends have been made by a qualified aromatherapist.

These days, anyone can purchase ingredients and blend their own blends to sell, but often they are done without the knowledge, understanding and expertise that a trained and qualified person has.

When it comes to essential oils, they are potent plant medicines. Lots of oils have a long list of contraindications, pharmaceutical interactions and effects on the body that can result in further injury or illness. When undertaking study in aromatherapy, we are taught how certain medications or conditions can have a negative effect with essential oils, for example those on blood thinners or have blood clotting issues should not use wintergreen as it can cause haemorrhaging. Wintergreen is a popular oil for muscle aches and pains and is in many mainstream blends and there is nothing on those labels that state any precautions.

Similarly, many popular blends are actually unsafe for children, toddlers and infants, yet are widely "prescribed' for ailments such as coughs, colds and asthma.

What does this mean?
The QAPP symbol means that we have taken essential oil safety very seriously. We have blended our blends using oils that have the "GRAS" rating (generally regarded as safe) or that fall well under the maximum dermal application percentages. It also means we have blended it (in blends and roll ons) to a safe level for topical application, in accordance to worldwide aromatherapy guidelines. These blends can be used for most ages and health conditions. Please see the individual listing for a breakdown of the safety in detail though.

Aromatherapy With Sarah is a diploma trained Clinical Aromatherapist who creates all of our blends (except for Psychic Shield, Smokeless Smudge and Earth Elixir) in synergy with the spiritual properties and outcomes.

Rhi is certificate trained in aromatherapy and has a focus on the metaphysical  side of things, keeping safety in mind at all times.

You will begin to see this logo on store listings and eventually on the product itself. It's a way we can say "We trust our products have been created with the utmost care and due diligence".