Manifesting Abundance With Jupiter

Manifesting Abundance With Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and astrologically is associated with luck, good fortune and expansion with anything in its vicinity. It's generous, motivated and abundant.

Since November 2018, Jupiter has moved under the Sagittarius constellation. it will stay here for most of 2019, highlighting the collective areas of expansion surrounding learning, study, travel and teaching, as well as equality, truth and justice.

The thing we need to remember when it comes to ANYTHING in general, but even more so with Jupiter, is that WE make the decisions that lead to our abundance. Jupiter doesn't do it for us (so we cannot blame the planet when things don't go our way). What actually happens is Jupiter SHOWS us, and makes us pay attention to little things along the way which in return, will bring us the greatest expansions and growth forward surrounding luck, prosperity and happiness long term.

Jupiter helps us see the bigger picture, and its up to us to recognise, feed, nurture and take care of the opportunities. It shows us where our natural talents are and where to focus our energy in order to grow.

By accepting or developing the attributes associated with your Jupiter sign, you can utilise the luck and abundance Jupiter has to offer.

Jupiter in Aries
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by using your fearlessness and independence, and trail blazing your way through situations with confidence and hint of rebellion.

Jupiter in Taurus
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by surrounding yourself with stability, consistency, and generally staying in your productive comfort zone. Savouring the little things keeps you 
grounded and optimistic.

Jupiter in Gemini
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by actively learning and experiencing new things. Others are inspired by your well-roundedness. You may begin to feel stuck or stagnant when you don't experience lots of new adventures.

Jupiter in Cancer
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by staying close to traditions, home or family life. You love to nurture and care for others, and have a wonderful ability to understand the needs of others which makes you a great boss too.

Jupiter in Leo
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by expressing yourself creatively and being generous towards others. Maintaining a balance in your life so that you have lots to time for doing the things you love is important.  

Jupiter in Virgo
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by finding magick in the mundane! The finer details are a focus point. Practicing and perfecting your skillset will bring you the opportunities to share your high standards wherever it will grow best.

Jupiter in Libra
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by maintaining close relationships in both work and social situations. You are naturally fair and diplomatic, and have a very balanced attitude. So long as there's an equal exchange of energy, you will always have that energy to tap into for your own abundance.

Jupiter in Scorpio
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by tapping into the hidden/unknown power inside of you. You'll find growth and success in areas that aren't common knowledge to those around you. Figuring out strategies and not sharing your plans with too many people is how you'll thrive. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by the continuity of your own knowledge and expansion through studying and travel. Manifesting comes easier as Jupiter is "home" in Sagittarius. You're naturally optimistic, just ensure there's a sense of balance there too.

Jupiter in Capricorn
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by reflecting on your past experiences in order to plan and achieve long term successes. On the more conservative side, you maintain your obligations and can find successes by using your wisdom and leadership to fuel your ambitions. 

Jupiter in Aquarius
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by being original and having big dreams and ambitions. Staying inspired and even a little rebellious. You are a master of experimentation and are openly accepting of differences. 

Jupiter in Pisces
You'll gain the most that Jupiter has to offer by using your kind and giving heart to care and help others. You're ambitious and want to help everyone. Benevolence is where your successes lie.


How do I find my Jupiter sign?

You'll need your date of birth to find this, and you can run it though a number of free astrology software websites online.

Jupiter Return happens every 11.8 years (so when you're about 12, 24, 36, 48 etc). A "return" just means the planet has returned to it's original position from the moment you were born as seen on your natal chart. 
When a Jupiter Return happens, it is likely you'll go though a rejuvenations of sorts where you'll feel on top of the world, ready to conquer and achieve great things.
Where it "returns" to in your natal chart determines in what area you'll be affected by this expansive energy. 


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