Neptune Retrograde 2024 - 29° Pisces ~ Anaretic Degree

Neptune Retrograde 2024 - 29° Pisces ~ Anaretic Degree

Neptune Retrograde at 29° Pisces

Date: 2nd July 2024 - 7th December 2024 

During this period, watch for increased focus on drugs, water issues, and potential spiritual awakenings. Pay close attention to dreams and subtle signals, but be cautious in their interpretation.

Brace yourself; this period is set to be intense and transformative!

Anaretic Degree 

When Neptune reaches the anaretic degree (29th degree) in Pisces, expect an intense amplification of confusion and illusion (and delusion). This period can make us believe we have clarity when we’re actually deceiving ourselves. Our judgment might seem sharp, but past issues and karma are likely creeping up on us without our awareness.

Neptune and Pisces govern karma and the past, making this a time for old problems to resurface and for us to potentially undermine our own efforts. The catch? We probably won’t realise the extent of our self-deception until this transit concludes. It’s a dense Neptunian haze that others might see through, but we remain oblivious to.

Saturn’s presence in Pisces might offer some grounding. As the planet of reality, Saturn could help limit Neptune’s illusions, but it might also mean harsher lessons for those delusions, making consequences more severe.

This transit also affects our empathy and compassion. We might swing to extremes—being overly compassionate and getting taken advantage of, or lacking empathy and witnessing greater cruelty. Maintaining healthy boundaries and balance is crucial.

Navigating This Period

  1. Stay Grounded - Connect with reality through nature, root chakra activities, and frequent reality checks.

  2. Enhance Intuition - Despite staying grounded, some situations will lack clear facts. Strengthening your intuition will help navigate these uncertainties. Work on clearing any blocks to your intuitive abilities.

  3. Address Emotional Baggage - This is an ideal time to confront and release spiritual, emotional, and past life baggage. Use journaling, support groups, shadow working and therapy to facilitate this process.

If you have any natal planets or points at the anaretic degree, pay special attention to grounding, intuition, and emotional release. Also, focus on the house where 29 degrees Pisces falls in your natal chart to identify key areas of life affected.

Critical Dates of Neptune Retrograde

2nd July 2024 - Neptune goes retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces. Expect maximum confusion, so prioritise staying realistic and grounded.

17th September 2024 - A Pisces Lunar Eclipse aligns with Neptune. Significant emotional releases, karmic events, and revelations are likely. Prepare for sudden truths.

Additional Dates 

27th-30th March 2025 - Venus and Mercury retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces, conjunct Neptune, as Neptune enters Aries. This alignment could bring major global and personal shifts.


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