New Moon Manifesting

New Moon Manifesting

New Moon

The New Moon phase of the lunar cycle is best used for starting something new. Putting your wishes down on paper enables you to recalibrate your energy, and focus on where you really want to be.

Ground Yourself

Find a place that is quiet so that you can sit down and really focus on your intentions. Maybe it's outdoors under the dark sky with some crystals and a blanket, or maybe it's indoors by an alter filled with magickal items. It could even be tucked up in bed. Whatever it is, ensure it feels 'right' for you. These are YOUR intentions, so let it feel natural and authentic.

Take some slow, deep breaths. Let your body sink into a relaxed state. Write

Use a journal or this piece of paper and write down your goals, dreams and desires. Write down HOW you see them manifesting into your life using positive power phrases starting with "I will", or "I am".


Re-read your list. Think about how each intention makes you feel. Open yourself up and allow the universe to receive this information from you. You are planting the seed for your intentions to manifest.

Be thankful for allowing yourself to open up. As the days and weeks go by, take note of the changes and how it's panning out. Is it going according to plan? Do your intentions need tweaking? Has your game plan changed?


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