The Only Retrograde Guide You'll Ever Need

The Only Retrograde Guide You'll Ever Need

What is a retrograde?
A retrograde is when a planet transiting closest to earth, appears to be travelling backwards from a vantage point, in this case it's Earth. 

Pre shadow is when the planet first triggers the area of the zodiac in which it will influence for the duration of the retrograde. You might begin to experience the effects of the retrograde at this point.

Station Retrograde is when the planet appears to be travelling backwards from Earth, and when the period of retrograde is in action. This is where issues can come to light and you can use the period for reflection, releasing and paying attention to anything that’s triggered or brought up.
Station Direct is when the retrograde planet appears to move forward again, moving away from the energy of the retrograde which should be finalised as we move towards the after shadow date.

The areas you may feel tested in are as follows:

Mercury Retrograde

What is it?

When the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky for a period of approximately 3 weeks, 3-4 times a year. It is not actually moving backwards.

There is a preshadow phase, and after shadow phase which makes up an addition 2 weeks of retrograde energy either side of the transit. 

What does it mean?

Mercury governs the areas of communication, technology and travel. When a planet is in retrograde, it means these are the areas that are more vulnerable and open right now. You can expect mishaps, tech issues and conversations to turn pear shaped during this phase.
Mercury retrograde (MRx) helps bring us heightened inner awareness.

What you SHOULD do:

Spend this time paying attention to what comes up during this period. MRx brings up unresolved issues in order too reflect, reassess and reevaluate, so that hopefully you can have some important revelations or added insight that you may have previously overlooked.

Check all documents and plans with a fine tooth comb to insure you're not missing something too.

What you SHOULD NOT do:

There's so much hype over MRx and the most important thing - don't panic!

Tips for surviving MRx:

- Try and avoid signing contracts, buying big ticket items like cars, appliances and houses.
- If you have to sign a contract or buy a car etc, double and triple check the details and make sure you have a plan in place in case something does go wrong.
Travelling for business is also best avoided as unplanned hiccups are notoriously known during MRx.
- Avoid getting in debates or involved in controversial conversations.
- Spend time retreating away from the madness. Self care should be of the upmost importance right now.

Venus Retrograde // love, relationships and all matters of the heart. Old flames may reappear and an old friend may reach out to reconnect.

Mars // personal energy and drive. You might feel blah and burnt out, and your motivation levels might be low.
Jupiter // growth, adventure and abundance. A period to reflect on finances and study, you might feel restricted in your growth and plans.
Saturn // Traditions, fears and challenges. You might feel pulled to connecting with something that you used to do, but if you’re feeling fear, it’s a great time to reorganise and figure out where you’re at.
Uranus // rebellion, breakthroughs, freedom and chaos. Unexpected events occur and feelings of stubbornness and rebellion may run high.
Neptune // inspiration, mysticism, delusions and deceptions. Realising any limiting beliefs and getting real, and taking action with your creativity.
Pluto // deeply transformative, self power and rebirth. Facilitating change and power, and a purge/return of any unwanted items.
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