Are You Hexed?!

Are You Hexed?!

The journey through the world of hexes reveals not only the complexities of these magickal workings but also the resilience and resourcefulness of those who seek to protect themselves or counteract their effects.

In modern times, awareness and ethical considerations in the practice of magick underscore the importance of intention and the universal law of "harm none." As we explore the enigmatic nature of hexes, we uncover a fascinating intersection of fear, power, and the deep, enduring human connection to the unseen forces that shape our lives and destinies.


8 Signs You Have Been Hexed

  • Unexplained Illnesses Feeling unusually tired without a clear cause, even after resting.
  • Consistent Bad Luck Everyone experiences a run of bad luck now and then, but if you find yourself in a prolonged streak of misfortune that defies logical explanation, it might be something more.
  • Nightmares Repeated, intense, and terrifying nightmares that leave you feeling drained or scared to sleep could indicate a hex. These are not your usual bad dreams but are persistently disturbing and unsettling.
  • Sudden Relationship Issues If your relationships—romantic, family, or friendships—unexpectedly and inexplicably deteriorate without cause, it might be a sign.
  • Financial MisfortuneAn unexplained and sudden drain of financial resources or opportunities drying up out of the blue could be a symptom of a hex.
  • Exhaustion and Fatigue Feeling constantly drained, regardless of rest or attempts to improve your energy levels, especially if this lethargy is sudden and severe.
  • Blocked Goals Constant obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals, no matter how hard you try.
  • Unusual Mood Instability - U nusual mood swings or emotional responses that are out of character.

Divination Hex Detection

You'll Need: A pendulum

Instructions: - Ensure you are in a calm state of mind. Cleanse your pendulum by holding it under running water, then dry it. Hold the pendulum still, suspended from your hand. Clearly ask, "Is there a hex affecting me?

Interpretation - A forward and backward motion generally signifies 'yes', while a side to side motion means 'no'. The pendulum’s response is believed to tap into your subconscious and the universal consciousness. Depending on the answer, you may want to ask more detailed questions to uncover the source of the hex or how to remedy it.

Remedies for a Hex
  • Black Salt - Can protect, banish and guard against negative energy. Sprinkle a pinch across doorways and thresholds and to remove or uncross specific energy or influences in your life.
  • Psychic Shield Spray or Oil - helps protect and guard against negative energies and projections. It was designed to guard against outside energies infiltrating your energy field.
  • Banishing Scrub - Packed with herbs of LEMON PEEL, GRAVIOLA, DEVIL'S CLAW, and BURDOCK ROOT, all known for their energy cleansing properties. The addition of BLACKTHORN BERRIES, rosemary and lime also amplifies protection.
  • Protection Ritual Bath - A ritual bath is a bath with intention, to mindfully cleanse your auric field, lift your vibration and remove energetic debris, whilst attracting the desired energy like a magnet to your auric field.
  • Protection Sigil (see image)


Lemon + Clove Ward

This spell has been used across a few cultures however I could only trace it furthest back to Italian folk magic. It's popular in Hoodoo as well. 

It contains lemon, clove, and salt - with an optional black candle.

-Get your lemon and a clean knife and say in your head or out loud "I pierce through any malicious energy being directed my way" .

-Using a whole lemon sliced in half, or just half (I used half because I wanted some for my tea lol), place 13 cloves into each half, reciting a mantra or prayer of sorts along the lines of "I protect myself and/or loved ones from all baneful energy" as you place each clove.

-In a bowl or on a plate, place your lemon and sprinkle generously with salt. Salt is purifying and adds an additional layer of protection. If you know you're being targeted, you could say something like "may you feel the sting of the salt and lemon when you think negatively of me"

-I always like to add a candle to my plate to give my ward a little energetic boost. 

Then I leave it in my house for about a week or so - you'll know when it's time to toss. If your lemon gets mouldy, it can be an indication of negative energy - particularly if you've used enough salt to inhibit mould growth. 


another way to cut the lemon is to cut a cross into the flesh of the top of a lemon and place your cloves in that way, instead of slicing all the way through.

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