Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

Energy cleansing (also known as smudging) is a ritual that goes back in time which usually consists of burning sacred herbs to help dispel negative energy from people and places. It’s like a metaphysical shower.
This practice has been modernised and adapted to suit a contemporary lifestyle with the use of ready made smudge sticks, using crystal infusions, essential oils, and sprays for those sensitive to smoke.
If you have moved into a new place, have had an argument in your home, or about to do some spiritual work, you might want to give it a smudge to cleanse the air. To prepare the room, cover mirrors, close windows, open doors (including cupboards), and turn off all electronics.
You are encouraged to take initiative and follow your intuition with how you feel guided to use these ritual tools.
Take a moment and set your intention/purpose of the cleansing. Are you cleansing yourself? Your room? Your home? A loved one?

Smoke Method 

Earth: Smudge Stick/Palo Santo
Water: Abalone Shell
Fire: Match/Lighter
Air: Feather
1. Place the herbs/cleansing stick/palo santo in an abalone shell, or a clay bowl, and light them with a wooden match. Then gently blow out the flame, letting the smudge stick continue to smoulder.
2. In a clockwise motion with the smoke, let the smoke completely surround you and use the
feather to waft it around your body, keeping in mind your intention or purpose of the
3.If you are just cleansing yourself, you can stop now by placing your smudge stick into the fire
proof dish and blot it out. The ashes left over should be returned back to the Earth.
4.If your are cleansing a space, continue wafting the smoke around the room, and into any dark crevices/under beds and cupboards until all the areas have been cleansed with your
smudging tool, still holding your intention in your mind. It may help to say a little affirmation
such as
“I am cleansing this space of any negative energy. I only allow positive, loving and
harmonious energy in my home/office/room”.
5.End your ritual by following step 3 above. Take a moment before returning to your day to ground yourself, and return the ashes to the Earth.
Room Spray Method
Earth: Essential Oils
Water: Purified Water
Fire: Carnelian
Air: Clear Quartz
1.Hold the intention to cleanse yourself or space.
2. Spray the Smudge Spray over yourself, and be fully present in the moment.
3.Spray the room in a clockwise direction as you would with the smoke method until you have covered all desired areas, using an affirmation if need be.
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I appreciate you mentioning that energy cleansing helps remove bad energy from individuals and surroundings. I decided to conduct further study on it because my aunt has expressed interest in it and she has been feeling a little down lately. I’m glad I came across your blog because you described what it might be. I’ll make sure to let her know about this and look into experts who might be able to assist her with it. I appreciate you sharing!

Victoria Addington

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