Make A Money Bowl

Make A Money Bowl

A money bowl is an easy way to bring money or abundance into your home or business.

You'll need:

-A bowl (Green, gold, copper or clear is preferable)

-Some coins/trinkets/charms to represent money or currency.

-Crystals (pyrite and citrine are always good ones)

-Herbs/essential oils or anointing blends with abundance properties such as cinnamon, jasmine, chamomile, bay leaf, mint, star anise, ginger etc.

-A green, gold or silver spell candle. 

-Paper and pen

-Incense or energy cleansing tool of your choice

Remember as always, use your own intuition and do what feels right for you.

1. Gather your tools. Ensure your bowl is clean.

2. Energetically cleanse all your chosen items that will be going into your money bowl. 

3. Write our your intention in present tense (I have, I am ...)
"I have all my bills paid" "I abundantly have prosperous energy flowing through my home" "I have a successful business" "I have $1000 in my bank account by the end of the month DD/MM/YYYY".

Fold it up so that you are folding the paper towards you - or bringing the energy to you.

4. Begin adding your chosen items. As you place each item in the bowl, repeat your intention in your mind.

5. Anoint a candle with your chosen essential oil or blend, and safely burn it within your bowl. Fire is activating, so it will help intensify your goal.

6. I personally like to seal my intention with the wax of the candle, but everything in magick is up to you.

7. Put your bowl in a safe place, near your front door, in your work space.

8. IMPORTANT - You'll want to "feed" your money bowl every few days or whenever you feel called to do so. It keeps the energy flowing and the abundance coming in.

You can feed it with coins, herbs, essential oils or anything that represents abundance you.

If you no longer want your money bowl, or want to totally re-do it, take out your coins, crystals and charms, and return all the natural elements of herbs and resins etc to the earth.

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Do I need to let the candle fully burn and do I turn it back on if it turned off?


Am I able to use a jar instead of a bowl? Is putting the lid on it okay?


@Katie I suggest spending the coins or monies that you’ve left in your bowl. This way, the currency is “out” and about in the economy and will work to return to you.

@Tammy the “Invoking Witchcraft” podcast covered money magic very recently, it’s a great resource. It is suggested that you perform money magic on the waxing moon, to encourage things to grow, it’s also suggested that if you keep things to a weekly practice that you work your money bowl on Thursdays (i.e., a day of prosperity and abundance). However, if you NEED to get started ASAP- that’s OK too. Remember, magic responds best to need and will always take the path of least resistance! Don’t put off helping yourself if you’re in a bind.


When it’s time to redo the bowl, what should we do with the non-natural ingredients? (Candle wax/ coins/etc)


Love it going to try it soon

manuela marinez

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