I’m inundated with questions about developing intuition and psychic skills. I definitely don’t know it all, but I figured this is the best platform to share what I do know and practice with you all.
I welcome questions, suggestions and ideas too!

Are you psychic? Absolutely yes! we all are. We all have varying levels of intuitive abilities and some senses will be stronger than others.
I could continue to write about psychic development but I want this section to be a hands on activity for you to try when you feel the time is right.


Psychometry summed up really simply is feeling the vibrations of an object and using your intuition to discern the information that you have received.
It’s a simple exercise, and something you can do almost anywhere, at anytime.

How To:

-Obtain an object or photo that holds some significance to someone else. You could even browse an antique store or op-shop, but keep in mind the information would be much harder to validate if you require that confirmation.
-Sit in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. Rest your hands in your lap with the object in your palms.

-With your eyes remaining closed, let your mind be still as images and feelings come into your mind, speak them aloud or write them down, whatever feels best. Don't try to process the impressions you get. Say/write whatever you see, hear, feel or otherwise sense as you hold the object.
Don't judge your impressions. These impressions may be strange and meaningless to you, but they might be of significance to the owner of the object. Also, some impressions will be vague and others might be quite detailed. Don't edit – speak/ write them all until you feel that you’ve finished.
-If you can verify the information, please so do, otherwise reflect on the information you have received and try this exercise with another objects!

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