Create Your Own Sigil (Magick Symbol)

Create Your Own Sigil (Magick Symbol)

Sigils are a form of magic that requires minimal skill and physical tools. It has been around for centuries and is a really good starting or entry point into the wonderful world of witchcraft.

Using images and words has a huge impact on us as humans. Modern day living uses these tactics when creating ads and product packaging to evoke certain feelings and to take action.
Maybe these marketing geniuses are unknowingly using magick?

My understanding and experience with sigils are that they are one of the simplest forms of manifesting an intention, and they are something that anyone from all walks of life can do!

Reiki masters use symbols in their teachings, brands and companies use symbolic images in their logos and you could even go as far as saying the alphabet is a form of sigil because the unique composition of every letter to create the meaning of a word or sentence, creates the essence or energy of that word.

DIY SIGIL - Download your Sigil Cheatsheet here!

1. Write our your goal in present tense, as if it’s already achieved. The shorter the better (and simpler it will be).

eg I am safe and protected, I am a healthy *insert goal weight*, I am in a happy and stable relationship.

Without going into too much into the laws and what not, I will add that free will is an important factor to consider here.

You want to keep your goal open for universal interpretation.
If you write something along the lines of “I am married to Tom”, you
aren't giving Tom the free will to choose, and it might work to your detriment to be stuck in an unfulfilling marriage. Instead, you should word it "I am in a healthy and fulfilling marriage with the perfect partner for me".

2. Cross out all the vowels. (A, E, I, O, U – Y is up to your discretion).

3. Cross out all the repeated letters.

4. Mash the remaining letters into a single glyph.
Then start amending this glyph until it starts to look more pleasing. Use your creative initiative to layer, remove, rotate and to add any decorative swirls, dots or shapes that you feel suit your initial goal.Note: You really can't get this wrong, so long as your heart belongs with the intention.

Don’t worry if looks too much like the original letters, or the opposite, looking nothing like the original letters. It doesn’t need to look ‘magical’ but I’d say it’s better if you find it visually appealing.

5. Once you are happy with your sigil, it’s time to activate it!
The simplest way you can do this by focusing on the intention of your sigil and burning it in a flameproof dish, and releasing the goal into the Universe.

There are other ways to activate sigils, google can be your friend.

If you’re uncertain about the whole “magick thing,” start with something minor and irrelevant. writes “A great way to test the effectiveness of sigil magick is to create an activate a sigil that is of both fairly unlikely and of absolutely no consequence. “I will meet a jolly man wearing a furry hat,” for instance, or “I will overhear someone humming ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.” You’ll soon be surprised at how powerful sigils can be”

You only need to activate the sigil once.

After that, you can keep a copy of the sigil on your phone or in a journal or wallet for regular reminders if you wish. Alternatively you can just let it be and wait for it to manifest.

You can even use various symbols to make a sigil more uniquely yours, whilst strengthening the overall intention (and therefore magick)..
Use your own native alphabet if you have one, or choose something you really connect with. 
Download our Sigil Cheatsheet here!
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