Use A Pendulum

Use A Pendulum

Pendulums are a tool for divination. They are one of the easiest ways to get answers to your pending questions by using your subconscious mind and can be used as a dowsing tool to uncover energetic blockages or imbalances.

The unconscious mind is responsible for controlling all the functions of the body we don't consciously think about.  This is called Ideomotor phenomenon. It is a concept in hypnosis and psychological research. Psychic ability is believed to come from the unconscious mind too, and this is the skill that we are developing in our own personal experiences with the spiritual world.

Some believe that spirits control the pendulum through you and through your hand. Others believe that it is not spirits which give the information but that humans are picking up the information from some kind of other worldly database or library which contains all knowledge known as the Akashic records, or your higher self.


1. Sit down, centre yourself and get comfortable. Your mind and body should feel relaxed with no stress. You can rest your elbow on a table in front of you allow the pendulum to swing free, or you can hold your arm in a horizontal position, again allowing your pendulum to swing freely.

You do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum. It will guide itself. It is moved by either your thoughts or someone in spirit who works through you.

2. Get to know your pendulum by asking yes or no questions that you already know the answer to. Pendulums will swing in a particular direction depending on the answer (yes/no/unsure or rephrase).
Am I a female?
Do I have Brown hair?
Is my car black?
Am I sitting down?

Note down the way the pendulum moves for these questions and then you have your benchmark for further questions.

3. Ask your questions. This is the easy part, but you must keep in mind that the pendulum can only answer simple yes/no questions. If you ask something that isn't directly a yes or no, your answer won't be clear.

Keep your pendulum in a safe place to ensure it doesn't pick up other energies that can influence the outcome.

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