Ways To Cleanse, Clear and Shift Stagnant Energy

Ways To Cleanse, Clear and Shift Stagnant Energy

In the world of both physics AND metaphysics, everything is energy. Like dust accumulates on dormant surfaces, so does energy.

If negative or stagnant energy builds up, we may feel ungrounded, frustrated or generally 'off'.

Everyday we partake in activities that help restore this equilibrium such as:

  1. Washing your hands.
  2. Taking showers or baths.
  3. Going for a walk.
  4. Eating your lunch in the garden or at the park.
  5. Working out or exercising in some way.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Choosing kindness, peace and compassion when interacting with the world around us.

Sometimes this isn't enough, and we need to bring in some extra measures to help clear away the heaviness. 

8. Energy cleanse yourself using smoke cleansing, visualisation or clearing sprays and oils.
9. Use vinegar in a floor wash or as a room spray.
10. Ring a bell. The vibration scatters the accumulated energy.
11. Sound bath yourself in the vibrational waves of a singing bowl.
12. Salt the corners of your room or office. Discard after 48hrs.
13. Do a guided meditation.
14. Get a massage.
15. See a holistic or metaphysical practitioner (such as acupuncturists, reiki practitioners, energy healers or shamans).
16. Light some non toxic incense.
17. Bathe in sunlight (safely of course).
18. DIY your own vinegar based cleaner. Vinegar disperses negative energy.
19. Place a bowl or cup of heavily salted water in an energetically dense place in your home.
20. Place a piece of iron or iron based crystal under your pillow, near your bed or under your bed.
21. Hold a piece of black tourmaline in your hand. Imagine it's like a dry sponge drawing out and neutralising energy that does not serve your highest good.
22. Journal about anything you're feeling particularly weighted down by.


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