55515 Monroe Institute - Declassified CIA Documents

55515 Monroe Institute - Declassified CIA Documents

The Monroe Institute is a facility that’s researched various frequencies and studied altered states of consciousness, remote viewing, out of body experiences etc and the CIA enlisted their help to train their agents to utilise these abilities as spy tactics.
In one of the declassified documents from 1977 released by the CIA, it's mentioned that you can use the code 55515 to reduce pain from the physical body.
What You Do:
Focus your awareness on where your physical pain is coming from and repeat the numbers 5-5-5-1-5 until the pain is gone.
Anecdotal reports state an almost immediate reduce in pain after using this method.'
Placebo effect? Or Re-coding your body?
I did a bit more digging at it looks like there’s a gene discovered in 2000 (over 20 years later) that relates to pain perception also identified as 55515 🤯
A NCBI page on this specific gene writes "These channels have been implicated in synaptic transmission, pain perception as well as mechanoperception." 
(Mechanoreception is the ability to respond to certain kinds of stimuli). This gene is expressed predominantly in the pituitary gland.
Interesting right?!
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Is there a number to erase your life? Lol


I have cronic knee pain. I sometimes can barely walk. I did this last night and somehow I remember repeating this number over & over all night. I woke up this morning and could literally walk down the stairs without holding onto the rail and with minimal discomfort. Crazy, I know but it works.

Diane L Morrissette

I can’t help but wonder if this would also work with a different number, like 33304?
Am I the only one who’s wondering this? haha.
I haven’t experienced pain recently so have not been able to try this yet.


Gige me 10000 money

Rohit cuntry

This method was used for in case one was caught by the enemy and received torture.


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