Akashic Records

Akashic Records, (pronounced A-KAY-SHIC) is an etheric documentation of each and every soul’s past, present and future.
EVERY thing that has led you to your present day identity is recorded here. It also includes all the information concerning the entirety of the Universe.

All over the world, various cultures have their own version of what we would call Akashic Records, and they all have a reoccuring theme of containing every collective event of consiousness.

The records contain information that is fixed, that cannot change, and evolving information that can change as your own spiritual path develops and deepens.
Energy determines the events, and when energy changes, both the results and the records can turn out to be very different.

Many present day health or relationship problems can be traumas from previous incarnations, and our fears that we have are representations of our subconscious memories from those incarnations.
When we access our records, we also have the ability to heal and re-write the records so that it is no longer a burden on us.

Accessing these records can take come practice and skill, and it will be easier for some to connect with, but it goes without saying that meditation is a pinnacle step in accessing Akashic Records. By meditating, you will be able to reach a level of consciousness that is far more open to receiving this kind of guidance. Whether it be active meditation like dancing or tai chi, or the more traditional deep breaths and quieting your mind.

You can find out information on your past lives, karmic patterns and global energies affecting your being, personal life’s purpose, expanding intuition and understanding present day fears, traits and characteristics.

Your own intuition and dreams/day dreams can be flashes of information from your Akashic Records, particularly if you are dealing with an issue or situation at hand. They can also come as messages from spirit, guides, angels and archangels, or from light workers who can tap into your vibration to receive this information.

While the Akashic Records is not a hard copy book of your existence, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own.
Journalling is the best way to keep track of your spiritual progress and if you wished to work with your Akashic Records in this lifetime, you will really benefit from this sort of documentation.

Since your consciousness is what creates your records and reality, it’s a good idea to write down all your intentions, loves, fears and patterns you see in your daily life. You can reflect on this list and this can be your starting point to accessing your records.
(Side note - this is why affirmations are so powerful! YOU are writing your life as you live it. You are continuously changing and altering the sequence of events by your thoughts, actions and practice).

As you go to sleep, you can ask your higher self to access information for you and present it to you in dream form, or to show you when you’re in the right state of mind. Having a journal handy is a good way to keep an active record of the information you receive. It’s also important to trust the information that you receive.

What do you want to know? What do you want to learn? and what do you want to heal from?

Re-writing Your Records
Each moment of self-actualised choice is another instance where you can change your records (and change your life, break habits and karmic patterns). This can bring a deeper sense of your own power to this process, knowing that you can record at least a single moment of change. You can identify a moment of potential change and ask yourself
‘What do I want to record in this moment?
What behavior, thought, or choice do I want to be placed in my Records right now?’
Then visualise writing that choice in your Records, and the actions that go along with it to support your choice.

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It is fitting to set the record straight. We are not a lable on a Recorded Document with a Seal. or Stamped Number. We don’t choose what names attached to us. there was a time when Slaves ad their decendants was called Boy or Gal. regardless of age. Thease are lables that do not define who we are in reality. But merely a systematic method of identification. Not who we are. Names can have negetive or positive atttachments in Society. We are progrramed to esteem these lables many carry attachments of violence and ungodly traces. as we transcend the blurred lines and crst and codes. in the Tribe we are assigned to ,we witness double standards secrets we are forced to conceal be subjected to suffering pain. exploitations’ estrangments’ violence ’ slander ’ defimations’ and death . This is not ranting or delusional .This is from a healthy sound mind.As sain readers will identify with . Thankful Source is real and defense for all who are aware of source energy greater than all limited made or unamde weapons.

Eternally Oneness

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