Connecting With Your Ancestral Bloodline

We have an unbreakable bond with our ancestors. They act as a collective accumulation of infinite love, support 
and guidance. They share fragments of our spiritual and physical DNA. 
Our lineage has made us exactly who we are today, and this is something that should be help with the upmost respect.

There are many ways to communicate with your ancestors, but here I am sharing what worked for me, in the 
hopes that it sparks your interest in reconnecting with your own ancestors, 
however you feel suits best.


Simply calling them into your heart and having a quiet moment can be perfect, or asking them to visit you in your dreams. 
However, ritual can help to amplify the communication with them for a greater result. 

Remember that there is no better ritual than one that feels right for you.

You'll Need
-A piece of your hair, from the root
-Red 10cm string or a red candle (representing your blood/physical lineage)
-White 10cm string or a white candle (representing your spiritual lineage)
-Pen and 2 pieces of paper
-Fireproof dish
-Lighter or matches
-Smoke cleansing stick or palo santo (or any other cleansing method)
-Family heirlooms, pictures or just a strong intention to connect with your ancestral bloodline

OPTIONAL anything else to help you set the ambiance of the ritual like incense, music, mood lighting or an offering gift.

 1. Take a quiet moment to centre and ground yourself and get your surroundings ready.

2. Cleanse your aura with your smudging tool of choice. If you are a witch, you can now cast your circle. Alternatively you can call upon your spirit guides to help protect and bring you guidance during this ritual.

3. When you feel ready to commence, light the piece of hair on fire. The smoke will allow your ancestors to recognise you.

4. Light both candles or tie a knot in each string.

5. Write down on each paper your intention eg "I am connecting with my ancestors of blood" and "I am connecting with my ancestors of spirit”.

6. One at a time, burn each piece of paper over the represented candle, or tie 3 more knots in the string, keeping your intention strong in your mind., then burn the paper over your fireproof dish.

7. Visualise a cord shooting our of you, connecting you with all your ancestors, or a tree branch connected to a whole tree full of other branches.

8. Take your time and sit with the expansive energy you have just manifested. You can meditate now if you want, or simply just be present in the moment. You can use this time to ask them direct questions.

9. Thank your ancestors and guides for connecting with you and close your circle and blow out the candles.

Optional - You may also like to create an altar/sacred space in your home to further extend your invitation to them. You could include family pictures, heirloom jewellery, candles and other momentos that are of significance to you or your heritage.

SO What Now??

After you have activated/awakened the ethereal connection of your ancestors, you might be unsure about where to go to from here.
Through your ancestors, you can connect to the highest spiritual knowledge and higher consciousness. of the Universe. This can come in handy! You are now able to tap into this energy source in order to bring in guidance or protection. You can request their assistance, or even begin to heal from ancestral karma..

It is also very rewarding to know that all those we have loved and who have passed on, aren't actually lost forever, but that they keep on watching over us. 
It's also nice to think that when we one day pass over, our descendants will keep on thinking of you with love regularly, sending you their blessings. 

Optimal Timing :

Sahmain (pronounced SA-WIN), or more popularly known in the Northern Hemisphere as Halloween/All Hallow's Eve, is a period where the veil is thin between our world and the spirit world.

Since we are in the Southern Hemisphere, the wheel is mirrored which makes, our Sahmain on May 1st.

Sahmain is celebrated to honour the dead and it is in sync with the natural rhythm of nature where vegetation dies off. This is a great time to connect with your ancestors, and make the occasion with a meaningful ritual.

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