Diversity In Magick

Diversity In Magick

There is a vast spectrum of people who follow a magickal path and although they fall under the umbrella of working with metaphysics, many of them are not even remotely similar in how they achieve their results, what's taboo, and what's considered standard practice. 

There's traditional witchcraft, chaos magick, ceremonial, black, white and grey magick, Hoodoo, Voudu, Luciferian, conjure and root working, Solomonic, shamanic, demonic, angelic, Alchemy, Qabalah, Taoism, Enochian, elemental, Druidry and Wiccan just to name a few - but the list doesn't end there. 

There's solitary paths, group paths, open traditions, closed traditions, secret orders, public groups, covens, initiations and self initiations. 

Thanks to the internet, we now have access to practices we may have never previously been exposed to, books, grimoires, philosophical and occult teachings, and a plethora of practitioners who are sharing and teaching their ways.. and unfortunately with this, comes misunderstandings, malpractice, appropriation and cherry picking. 

Diversity in magick is something to always be open and non judgemental towards because there is no right or wrong way to practice magick. Just because you do it one way, it doesn't make it the ONLY way.

Some people are fine with working demons, using bodily fluids like blood, sweat and sexual secretions, other people only stick with herbs and candles.

Others only work with 'white light and good vibes'. 

In Hoodoo you'll find ingredients like graveyard dirt, which is dirt collected from a cemetary, or sour jars where they're used for cursing or domination. There's D.U.M.E rituals (death unto my enemy) and hexing, crossing and uncrossing. There's rituals for separating couples, or bringing two people together.

Christianity has a lot to do with how people perceive words like demons. In Luciferianism there's pacts with demons -
The Greek word daimōn, which means a “supernatural being” or “spirit”. Lucifer in Hebrew means "shining one, light-bearer".

I've never met a Luciferian that's wanted to hurt others for no unjust reason. 

Carl Jung wrote about the archetype of the demons as an inner manifestation of the human subconscious. He said that the demons were part of the human psyche. 

In Ceremonial High Magick, there are invocations to the 72 Archangels, and in Solomonic magick, the 72 demons are conjured in a specific way in order to control them.

We know that there has to be a balance right? As Above, So Below.

In Shamanism, a Shaman will often journey to the underworld, a realm of the greater nature spirits (animal and plant) as well as the place that the ancestors dwell after death.

In Witchcraft, there's methods of divination (foreseeing future outcomes and trajectories), scrying (seeing or communication with spirits), and necromancy (raising the dead).

As mainstream society moves towards being a more inclusive community for minorites, the same should be said for practitioners of magick. 

No one should be shamed for how they practice. Magick is a spectrum. Where you are on that spectrum is totally dependant on your knowledge base, what you're comfortable with and the path/s of magick you align with. 

It comes down to personal ethics. You do you. Don't like it? Scroll on, or seek more info to find out why something is done a certain way. 

The more I study the many facets of occultism (occult meaning hidden), the more I can see how there are correlations and overlaps in the beliefs and teachings, and it helps me integrate these principles at a much deeper level.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, learn from a different source, or mingle with those who use a different system of magick. There is value in everything. 

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