Ear Chakra + Clairaudience

Ear Chakra + Clairaudience

We have smaller energy centres, or chakras in our ears, and they filter the transmission of sound waves and frequencies to the brain and both crown and third eye chakras. It's become a habit to many of us to ignore the little voice inside that is trying to guide us

The Ear Chakra 

Location: Above each ear operating as 2 spinning discs on both sides of the head. 
Colour: Magenta
Purpose: To be able to hear beyond the physical world, receive messages and guidance from Spirit and discern truthful information and see through deceptions.

When Balanced: You will feel balanced, centred and connected to the world around you. You feel open and perceptive to sounds, noises and conversations. You may hear guidance, or be in conversation with your spirit guides or higher self, or receive and hear messages from beyond the normal range of hearing.

When Unbalanced: You may experience symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, ear aches or have difficulties hearing. You may have been involved in a verbal argument, or have been criticising yourself or others. You may feel sensitive to noises or have spent too much time listening to noise pollution (sounds that frustrate you, or are awful to listen to).

Ways to balance your ear chakra:
-Use singing bowls, bells or gongs
-Chanting or vibrating sounds (works for both throat and ear chakras)
-Listening to binaural beats
-Energy work on yourself or from others (reiki, sound baths etc)
-Going to a spot in nature and listen to the sounds
-Remove yourself from conversations involving gossip, slander and hate.
-Actually listen when someone is talking.
-Turn off the TV, radio, spotify etc and spend time in silence.
-Meditation to healing energy frequencies (
Solfeggio frequencies)

Solfeggio Frequencies 
396 Hz — Releases Fear
417 Hz — Eases and Initiates Change
528 Hz — Healing and DNA Repair
639 Hz — Heals Relationships
741 Hz — Finding Creative Expression and Solutions
852 Hz — Spiritual Homecoming

I hear the truth
I am open to receiving divine guidance
I listen to my intuition
I hear messages from my spirit guides
I listen with compassion and non judgement
I step away from arguments, abuse and bullying.

Psychic Senses - CLAIRAUDIENCE

Frequent sensations in the ear area can indicate that you may be Clairaudient - a psychic sense of clear hearing.
This is where you receive intuitive messages by hearing words, sounds, or have an internal dialogue and conversations inside your own head. You can usually discern these from your own thoughts with practice. 

Anyone can develop psychic hearing/clairaudient abilities.

Signs That You Have Clairaudient Abilities:
-Sensitive to noises
-High pitched ringing in your ears (without a medical reason)
-You prefer audiobooks or podcasts over reading books and blog posts (if that's the case, I'm sorry LOL)
-You have a natural ability to create music
-You spend lots of time internally in your own thoughts.
-You need quiet time
-You're creative, bursting with ideas
-You probably saw spirits or had "imaginary" friends as a kid
-You have a natural ability to communicate with animals and plants.

Do your ears ring with a high pitched noise?

Ear ringing suggests you're receiving a message from spirit - so pay extra attention to what's going on around you during this time. It could be that your spirit guides are trying to get your attention.

Our ears can also ring when we are experiencing a "download". A download is a temporary energetic burst of information from Source/ the universe. It is a high vibrational state of being where we have heightened intuition and connection.

Burning ears?

It is a common superstition that when your ears are burning, that someone is talking about you, left ear - male, right ear - female. Whilst hard to verify if this is true, it's not as far fetched as it may seem.
If someone is talking about you, they are sending that energy out. If your're sensitive/perceptive enough, your energy centres can pick up on that.

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Llewellyn's Complete Book Of Chakras by Cyndi Dale
Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn
Your Psychic Self by Melissa Alvarez


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Nice information

Dr J.A Sanchez

I have noticed my ears have been off since my spiritual awakening when I was 22 I am now 32 and I’m still having problems with them my doctor said there is nothing physical wrong with them I feet like I can’t hear properly when I meditate I can feel the energy going up my neck and stop just under my ears I get small popping sounds come up but I still feels blocked.


I have a high piched ringing in my ears alot ive experienced clairaudience three different times and I was so excited!! But havnt experienced it latley, but would love to, what can I do to develop my gifts further?

Lasauncia Maiola

I have ringing in my ears ringing in the back of my head that’s where it started 4 years ago know my ears are ringing but I have different sounds like my head ringing or what ever you call it is different from my ears ringing my head is like screaming of lots lots of people I call it my screaming demons then my ears are like ringing of something different wield but I don’t know how to deal with it it is driving me mad know it is so so loud my head so what can I do

Karen d Tilley

Yes me too (feathers in right ear sensation)


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