Empowering Young Sensitives: Crystals and Practices for Children's Energetic Protection and Boundary Setting

Empowering Young Sensitives: Crystals and Practices for Children's Energetic Protection and Boundary Setting

Supporting Your Child's Encounters with the Spiritual Realm

For many children, the line between the seen and unseen world is not as clear-cut as it is for adults. Some children are sensitive to the presence of spirits and ghosts, a trait that, while unique, can sometimes be unsettling.

Encountering spirits and ghosts can be a special, albeit sometimes daunting, ability. With your support and understanding, your child can learn to navigate their experiences in a healthy and positive way. Remember, the goal is to empower them to feel safe and secure, both in the physical and spiritual world.

If your child is experiencing these phenomena, here are some supportive ways to help them navigate their experiences

Open Dialogue

Begin by creating a safe space for your child to share their experiences without fear of judgment. Encourage them to describe what they see, feel, and hear. This open dialogue reinforces that you take their experiences seriously and that they can trust you with their feelings.

Educate and Reassure

Children might not always understand what they are experiencing, which can lead to fear. Educate them about the spiritual world in a way that is age-appropriate. Reassure them that these experiences, although unusual, are not necessarily harmful or scary.

Setting Boundaries

Teach your child that they can set personal boundaries. If they feel uncomfortable, they can tell the spirits to leave or that their room is their private space. Empowering your child to assert themselves in this way can help them feel more in control.

Calm Environment

Maintain a calm and protective environment at home. Use elements like soft lighting, soothing music, or essential oils to create a peaceful space. Spaces that feel safe and serene can reduce the fear associated with seeing ghosts or spirits.

Spiritual Protection Rituals

Engage in simple protection rituals with your child. This can be anything from imagining a shield of white light around them before they go to sleep to placing protective crystals like black tourmaline or amethyst in their room. I use Monster Away Spray with my kids.

Professional Guidance

If your child's experiences are causing them significant distress or fear, consider seeking guidance from a professional who is experienced in spiritual matters and child psychology. They can provide additional strategies to manage and understand these encounters.

Normalise the Experience

Help your child understand that they are not alone in this experience. Share stories (age-appropriate) of other people who have had similar experiences. Knowing that others have gone through similar situations can be comforting.

Encourage Creativity

Encourage your child to express their experiences through creative outlets like drawing, writing, or music. Artistic expression can be therapeutic and can help them process their feelings in a healthy way.

Crystals for Protection

Black Tourmaline - Known for its grounding and protective properties, black tourmaline is excellent for absorbing negative energy. It can be placed in a child's room to create a protective shield.

Amethyst - This crystal is not only protective but also brings calming energies, which can be helpful for children who feel anxious about their spiritual experiences. It can help in creating a serene environment and promoting peaceful sleep.

Selenite - Ideal for cleansing and purifying a space, selenite can help clear negative energy and enhance the positive. Placing selenite in your home can create a tranquil, safe space.

Jasper - Known as a nurturing stone, jasper can help a child feel more secure and stable. It's grounding and can be particularly helpful in balancing emotional energies.

Practices for Energetic Protection

Visualisation - Teach your child to visualise a bubble of white or golden light around them whenever they feel scared or need privacy. This "protection bubble" can be imagined as a safe space where no unwanted energies can enter.

Setting Verbal Boundaries: Encourage your child to verbally set boundaries with any spirits or entities. A simple statement like "This is my space, please leave", or "You are not allowed to be here anymore" can be powerful.

Protective Sigils - You and your child can create protective sigils together. A sigil is a symbol designed for a specific magical purpose. These can be drawn on paper and placed under the child’s pillow or around the room.

Routine Cleansing - Regularly energetically cleanse the house to cleanse the space of negative energy. This can be turned into a routine ritual that your child can participate in, giving them a role in maintaining their protective environment.

Protective Amulets - Create or purchase amulets infused with protective crystals. Your child can wear these as necklaces or bracelets, or they can be hung above or around the bed.

If you are still having issues with spirits and monsters with your children, please reach out and get in contact with me.

Rhi x


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