Energetic Attachments and Psychic Attack

Energetic Attachments and Psychic Attack

In the world of metaphysics, we talk about energy. Energy is everything. It is the currency of life. The focus of many conversations and actions are around clearing our own energy fields and spaces, banishing negative energy and working through emotional triggers and trauma.

Attachments and psychic attacks, whether from a spirit, entity, negative thought form or projected intentions can result in imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Some common symptoms include:

Physical - Unexplained pain or injury, scratches, bruises and marks on the body, odd physical sensations like prickling or feeling weighted. Also feeling tired and lethargic.

Emotional - Unexplained extreme emotions or waves of sadness, powerlessness, anger or fear.

Mental - Destructive thoughts or impulses, poor concentration, thought forms that you know aren't your own, insomnia and panic attacks.

Spiritual - Negative or draining dreams, inability to shift feelings of not being alone, feeling blocked or stagnant, sleep paralysis, 

It can weaken your own auric field / protective shield, leaving you more susceptible to feeling the effects of this negative and discordant energy.

As a result, you may be feeling increasingly irritated, frustrated, tired, angry, not yourself, holding physical pain in the body without injury or having reoccurring negative thoughts.

For the purpose of this post, I have categorised the below as follows..

Spirit: a deceased human’s energy.

Entity: a non human energy.

Thought forms: hyper dimensional interference projecting thoughts as if they’re your own, but upon discernment, you know it’s not something you would ever think.

Projected intentions: emotionally fuelled desires from another living person. It’s often ‘trigger’ based, working from their unhealed shadow.

Sometimes we can intuit or know exactly where this energy is coming from - or who it’s coming from, other times, it’s much harder to discern this information.

Most times though, it isn’t important or necessary to pinpoint this because we (as humans) love to blame someone and fall victim to literally being a victim.

Finding Stillness

How can you pay attention to your internal environment if it is cluttered with chaos? ANY form of self care that encourages grounded mindfulness is ideal. Meditation, exercise, sun gazing, binaural beats, a hot cup of tea uninterrupted, ceremonial cacao etc.

Having this innate awareness within you is like a energetic radar or thermometer. The more fine tuned this is, the better you can understand what’s actually going on.

Psychic Attack

People hold HUGE emotions at times, and negative energy can be unknowingly manifested (gossip and ‘bitch' sessions), or deliberately harnessed. When manipulated or directed in a baneful way, this can cause what we call psychic attack.

Spirits that are stuck or tied to a place can also influence us, also causing forms of psychic attack like when we begin to renovate an old home, or do something disrespectful on sacred land.

Maybe you’re having bad dreams, astral related havoc, dropping or breaking things or feeling a type of way that you have no reasoning for.

The most important aspect is to try not to retaliate. Fighting fire with fire will only result in a bigger fire aka karmic debt. Also, fighting back, or even gossiping back means that you’re accepting the attack and engaging in a trap of agreement. Engaging in negative reactions opens you up to more psychic attack.

Karmic consequences are aspects we should always have in the back of our minds, which is why many people cast their magick for the best outcome for ALL involved.

If you feel like you are experiencing psychic attack, the easiest and best thing to transmute those feelings is to sincerely send intentions of happiness, health and good outcomes to any and all involved. This can be visualised as a prayer or ritualised in whatever style you wish to practice in.

Rising above in this situation will strengthen your own energetic boundaries so that you become immune to these said projections.

If you wish to work on something magick to protect you, you can use stones like black tourmaline, black obsidian and black kyanite to help strengthen your personal protection. Energy cleansing works well here too, and cord cutting between you and any person you’ve had a negative interaction with.

Spells and rituals to ‘return to sender” can also be utilised here too, again, remaining mindful of having a positive outcome.

You can create protection sigils, burn engraved candles or written petitions - whatever floats your boat.

Our words - both internal and external dialects - are spells, and It’s time to be totally accountable for our words, thoughts and actions.

“It is not every case of psychic disturbance, however, which originates externally. It is a well-known cosmic law that everything moves in circles, and whatever forces we send out, and whatever thought-forms we extrude from our auras, unless absorbed by the object to which they are directed, will return to us in due course."
– Dion Fortune, Psychic Self-Defense


Attachments are when an entity, spirit, or hyper dimensional being tries to latch onto us, in the Earthly plane. Attachments are often dubbed as demonic, but don’t let the word demonic scare you.

These attachments can be transmitted through rituals, sex, substance abuse, tears or holes in our auric field or from being in a very low vibrational state of being. Sometimes they can come from another person and this entity then latches on to our bodies after crossing paths with that person.

These entities / spirits are parasitic, meaning they then feed off our energy via this attachment which can result in unexplained aches and pains, particularly in our backs and necks, feeling drained, tired, lethargic or angry. They can also manipulate our own thoughts and feelings.

Attachments will stay with you until they are removed. Cord cutting in this instance is a great way to sever the connection and put your boundaries in place.

Scanning your auric field, either by yourself or a metaphysical practitioner, and actively working towards achieving equilibrium within your 4 energetic bodies (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).

Protection from attachments and psychic attack comes from being empowered within ourselves. Attachments often take a few days/weeks to totally rid yourself of.

Entity removal one time, doesn’t make you immune to future attachments either. This is why it’s important to find stillness in your mind and in your soul, and to know your own shadows. Baneful forces get to you by knowing your triggers and shadows - but if you’re aware of them, and are actively working through them, they are no longer your weaknesses and you can be better prepared for any situations where they can be used against you. 


A good mantra to focus on is something along the lines of “I am loved and I am worthy. I am safe and I am free. I am powerfully protected. I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.”

My Story

My own personal experiences have been increasingly more intense over the past few years. My awareness and understanding has definitely grown, plus there's the aspect/belief that there is a polarity to your strength/spiritual power (as above, so below), and because I am aware of this, I pay more attention to my own energy field if that makes sense. The stronger you are, the stronger the attacks *can be*. So if an attack or attachment scares the absolute shit out of you, remind yourself that you have the strength to combat this due to this polarity.

Over the years, I have had a few attachments and MANY psychic attacks. Working in this field, I guess I’ve become a target to other people who are ‘competitors in business’, and there are a few people who would love to see me fail. That’s on their karma though - water off a ducks back - because I won’t allow their negative energy to penetrate my energy field and I won’t retaliate and lower my standards. It did consume me for a short time, which negatively impacted my life, so I’m writing this from experience that the power is definitely within us all to shield and protect from these influences.

The attachments though, are a bit harder to figure out. Some have come from other people, naive spiritual experiences and experiments, from toxic loved ones, and entities that do not want us (as a collective) awakening to the truths of the world - but that’s a story for another time (or look up the work by Bernhard Guenther).

I remember my first acknowledged attachment. I was 16 years old and I was seriously contemplating converting to Catholicism just so I could have an exorcism. I didn’t believe I had demons inside of me, but the intensely negative thought forms and emotions I was experiencing were not coming from me - and I knew it needed to be removed. I saw a psychologist who wanted to diagnose me with paranoia. I saw a psychic medium healer who accurately could explain to me, in detail, the exact things that were happening to me, and how this attachment was trying to manipulate me. I remember working with this lady for a month. She gave me spiritual exercises to help build up my own auric field and to assert my boundaries.

The attachment wasn’t like those demonic creatures you see in movies, it was much more subtle. I know now when my energy is off, and when something is beginning to dig its hook into me.

In this picture, I had woken up to a really achey spot on my back. It hurt to touch, and felt very deep. This acute injury happened after seeing a toxic family member, even though I didn’t do anything specifically to injure myself.

My husband did some body work on me. He "drew out" this attachment energy using black kyanite and reciting a purification incantation “om benza satto hung”. My body heated up directly over the area and it got quite uncomfortable, then after a while, I feel a wave of release hit me, and i knew the attachment had gone.

Sometimes it's a quick release, other times I/we work on it for days.


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I need help I have a very bad spirit attachment. I can’t sleep getting hit

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I started having buzzing around my ears this started in July 2020. So I went to the doctor and there is nothing wrong with my ears. In October 2020 I heard something coming from inside me it was kind a like telepathic sometimes was cussing and says negative things. I need help because it’s still going on and it’s April 2021
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Robin Prout

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