Gateway Experience / Hemi Sync

Gateway Experience / Hemi Sync

The Monroe Institute is a research facility founded in 1970's for the study of human consciousness utilising skills like remote viewing and out of body experiences through meditation.

It was founded by Robert Monroe who in 1958, began having experiences that changed his life. He recalled having out of body experiences (OBE) and could travel to places not defined by time and space as we know it without force or intent.
Robert became interested in the possibility of a connection between non verbal audio wave patterns, and brain wave rhythms to reproduce his experiences in a scientific way, to understand and explore the concept of consciousness. 

He observed how cultures from all over the world have their own way of reaching profound self explorations through vision quests, zen meditation, chanting or using hallucinogens. He noted that these cultures practiced using a belief system within mythology which is what gave meaning to their experiences.

The audio patterns he created were designed to harmonise both hemispheres of the brain, instead of the left side (thought and logic) or the right side (holistic and creative) - aka Hemi-Sync.

Robert Monroe began offering this program to people through guided tapes at his facility in Virginia. In 1983, the US Army Intelligence evaluated this program very thoroughly (see attached files below) and summed it up saying it uses methods such as hypnosis, transcendental meditation and biofeedback.


In the report by the US Army Intelligence, it talks about Kundalini, or rising energy up the spinal column, and a state of bliss after completing this kundalini rising - or "circulation of a current along the sensory cortex".

It describes biofeedback as a method of teaching the left side of the brain to visualise an intent or desires result, then recognise the feelings associated with it as if the desired result was the actuality, and emphasises strengthening this thought by using affirmations repeated via memory recall (manifestation 😉).

It goes on to talk about MANY concepts, such as holograms, resonance, dimensions, quantum physics, transcending time space dimension (Earth), and theories of an infinite universe ("the absolute of infinity" on page 13- which to me is the occult concept of As Above, So Below).

The conclusion is that "there is sound, rational basis in terms of physical science or considering gateway to be plausible in terms of its essential objectives" - and this is why the CIA used this program to train their agents. The CIA practiced remote viewing to find where narcotics were hidden on ships, or to find missing people in other countries.
They were given coordinates to practice their remote viewing skills and were asked to provide as much detail as possible on what they could perceive.

A document named "Mars Exploration: May 22, 1984" indicates that they remote viewed the planet Mars from 1 million years ago describing ancient shadowy people hibernating, pyramids, and other objects of interest
The transcript can be read for yourself HERE.

My Experience With Gateway / Hemi-Sync

I first heard about this program a few years ago. I browsed the documents every now and then without giving it too much thought. It was just a 'cool' thing that they (the CIA) did.
A few weeks ago, I found some interesting videos on YouTube regarding Gateway which re-sparked my interest where I found the audio files to actually partake in the self paced at home program meditation program.
I did further research on the Monroe Institute (because I don't actually trust the CIA lol), and I felt comfortable beginning the program myself. 

The course has 6 Waves, consisting of 6 audios per "wave". There is also a workbook which guides you through the exercises.

The first 6 tapes (Wave I) I listened to over the course of a week. They were basic binaural beats style with some guidance on simple exercises to offload daily stressors and aid in deep relaxation. I struggled through this because I thought it was a waste of time - I wanted to get to the juicy stuff lol. I stuck with it though because I wanted to do it properly. Perfect for beginners or those who don’t yet have discipline and attention span.

Wave II layers upon practice techniques learnt in Wave I, but introduces the out of body experience aspect, and each audio has a slightly different concept associated with it.

I'm only half way though Wave IV now, but I can report I have had some successful remote viewing/out of body experiences whilst doing the program. 
It's all free will based, and a few of the meditations i've repeated because I fell asleep or I felt like I could attain a better result.

I also joined a Discord channel dedicated to people doing their own self paced Gateway Experience. You definitely get out what you put into it. 

Let me know if you try it!


Rhi x

Questions I've received:

-Do you need to do this program to achieve OBE and RV?
Absolutely not - meditation, focus, and other energy enhancing activities could assist you. I know lots of people who can do this with intention setting alone. I know others who freely astral travel in their dreams at will.

-How do I find the CIA Declas documents?
Go to the FOIA Reading room here and use the search function. I suggest starting with gateway, stargate or UFO, and refining your search as required. There's a lot of junk to navigate through.

-Do I need headphones?
Yes the whole system works by sending 2 slightly varying waves through each ear which makes your brain register it as one combined wave which harmonises both sides of your brain hemispheres.


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When listening and he says you should hear my voice in the right side I hear it in both. And the tone that should only be on one side or the other plays in both simultaneously. What kind of headphones play left and right individually? Do I need a special pair or something? Help I really want to do this

Summer Leigh

Could not find the 6th wave audio files ANYWHERE. I wanted the audio files so that I don’t have to depend on YouTube when I get that far. Thank you so much for posting the link.


Thank you soooooo much for sharing all of this info!! I just found out about the Gateway Experience and Hemi-Sync, and came across your article while researching.
Many blessings to you and yours!
Be Well

Kai Parker

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