Humans with Paranormal Abilities

Humans with Paranormal Abilities

I'm back with my favourite pastime - digging through declassified CIA documents.
According to these documents, parapsychologists and physicists studied phenomena that couldn't be explained by modern physics.

They first researched children with "exceptional functions of the human body", then later, adults with psychic and paranormal abilities.
They reported that 40-63% of children around the age of 10 had some extent of psychic skill, and young girls between 6-12 were considered the best candidates for the trials they were conducting. The document notes that psychic skill ceased when menstruation began in these girls.

Scientists observed psychokinesis - interacting with matter using the mind, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, and effects of qigong.
Qigong is the coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training.

They set up experiments where a man named Mr Zhang Baosheng, a qigong grandmaster. In these experiments, they observed incredible skills such as transferring objects from one sealed bottle into another sealed bottle, burning a shirt using the touch of a finger, imprinting text inside of a sealed envelope, transferring a coin into a sealed envelope and extracting the hands of a watch through a doctors hand. 
The China Institute of Atomic Energy writes "At present, most of qigong (Chinese yoga) and related paranormal phenomena can not be explained by modern physics. it is necessary to create a new branch of physics that would incorporate thinking field".

Thinking field is the ability to harness energy and direct it in a very precise way.
The document goes on to say Mr Zhang is NOT the only person in China with these abilities, and that "it seems that under a strong thinking field the motion and interaction of matter obey completely new principles, unexplainable by modern physics and not yet studied at all."

"When thinking field diminishes, present descriptions of modern physics are correct".

In the search for an explanation on the above experiments,  David Joseph Bohm, an American theoretical physicist and pioneer on the mind-matter-consciousness connection wrote "hidden variables have a self organising feature that makes one of a kind particles become an other, of a different structure".

Another hypothesis was that ordinary people only recognise three dimensions, whereas space has more than three, and people with paranormal abilities recognise and utilise other dimensions when performing these acts like penetration through solid surfaces. 

Bohm did not want to reduce the human mind and consciousness to the quantum level, but he also wanted to avoid dualism. He suggested that the quantum ontology can be extended to include higher level fields, each influencing and being influenced by levels below, and that the human mind could be a part of such a hierarchy of levels of information associated with certain neural processes.

Below are the links to where everything above came from. I have barely scratched the surface to what's within these files so if this interests you, have a read for yourself - happy scrolling!
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